Best H&M home bathroom items

This season, H&M brings a range of new items to help us improve the aspect of our bathrooms. From essential elements to modern accessories, here are the best H&M home bathroom items to get you inspired.

H&M home stoneware soap dispenser

Probably one of the most used elements in our bathrooms is the soap dispenser. And the easiest one to change. Whether you want to bring color or you just want to change something, the soap dispenser is the most accessible item to change. Stoneware gives an elegant touch and it is easy to integrate in the decoration. Find it here.

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H&M home toothbrush holder

Store the toothbrush in a modern metal holder. Beside its useful utility, it can change the looks of the bathroom with its simple yet elegant design. Bonus: it doesn’t require a lot of space. Get it here.

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H&M home gold table mirror

If you are always on the run and mornings are really short, then a portable bathroom mirror is essential for you. H&M brings a metal table mirror to fulfil your needs. Very practical, easy to use & store and with a simple design. Find it here.

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H&M home bath mat

A useful accessory in the bathroom is the bath mat. We all want to get out of the shower and put our feet on a soft, wet absorbing mat. H&M brings cotton bath mats in different colors to our help. They are highly absorbent, fast drying and non slippery. Just what we need. Buy it here.

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H&M home soft towels

Towels are in direct contact with water and humidity. Thus they have to be cleaned very often. Quality materials allow towels to be used for a longer period of time, but still they have to be changed. H&M comes with a large assortment of soft, highly absorbent towels in different colors. Get them here.

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H&M home laundry basket

Store the laundry or other bathroom accessories in large wooden baskets. Apart its rustic design, this type of basket is the perfect storage solution for every bathroom. Buy it here.

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H&M home shower curtain

Bring a touch of joy in your bathroom by adding a shower curtain with floral motifs. This water repellent curtain will prevent water to spread all around when you enjoy a hot shower. Get it here.

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H&M home washcloth

Give your skin a treat with cotton terry washcloths.  They are very practical and they always come handy. Available in different sizes, they are perfect for you, for your guests or just to create an attractive setting in the bathroom. Find it here.

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H&M home bathrobe

What best way to feel comfortable after a long bath? Just wrap yourself in a soft, warm and cozy bathrobe and enjoy the time you have to relax. There are so many colors available so choose the one that puts you in a good mood. Get it here.

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