5 Ways to personalize your home

Have you just moved into a new house? Irrespective of whether you’re a home owner or tenant, the place will only start to feel like home after you’ve personalized it according to your tastes and preferences. 

You may copy ideas from home decor magazines and websites, but you also need to do something that reflects your personality and lifestyle – you want to be original and give it your own flair. Figurines, wind chimes, outdoor art, photo wall tiles, furniture, new faucets, carpets, throw pillows, and many other simple items enhance the warmth and comfort of your house.  

Cliché as it may be, the phrase ‘making your house a home’ is really a theory everyone would love to put into practice. And, it all starts with personalization. There are many ways to add your personal touch to your humble abode, and this article will be exploring just that.

 1. Wall Tiles 

If you haven’t discovered the beauty of wall tiles, we’re here to tell you that you’re really missing out. Not only are they original pieces that’ll have a story to tell, but they’re versatile and come in different layouts. To find out more about this great addition to your home decor, check out wall tiles by Storyboards.io.

There are two ways to convert your wall into a gallery:

  1. Convert your favorite photographs into photo wall tiles – stick them all over the walls of your living room, bedroom, or any other room of your choice. Choose photos that remind you of special events or people in your life. Apart from being great ways to add a personalized touch, photo wall tiles are practical since they’re both water and weather-resistant. And, best of all, they don’t damage the integrity of your precious home’s walls. 
  2. Collect works of art and framed pictures – not just any images, of course. But ones that have a special significance. Hang them on the wall. Put the pictures in frames of different sizes and materials and arrange them on the wall as artistically as possible.  

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

 2. Make a Statement

Making a statement is easier than you think. Think of a phrase or quote that resonates with you and your personalities and values. Next, print it out, frame it and hang it in whichever room you deem fit. Perhaps a warm, welcoming note to anyone who enters your home? Or, a motivational phrase that will get you right back on track when you’re feeling drained or lacking inspiration?  

Remember though, don’t overdo it. Converting adding these pieces to a couple of walls in the house is fine, but you don’t want every room of your home read like a collection of passé phrases.   

Photo by Elizabeth French on Unsplash

 3. Wall Hooks – Effortless Way to Tidy Your House

Put up wall hooks in the right places to prevent clutter, save things from getting lost, and keep your house tidy. We suggest adding rows of hooks in the entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and wherever you feel they’re necessary. They make your house look neat and organized, and, most importantly (if chosen mindfully) – stylish!

The wall hooks will be visible from around the house so choose hooks that go with your house’s vibe. Options include vintage brass hooks, washed wooden hooks or modern metal and glass hooks. 

 4. Potted Plants 

Potted trees and plants, including large houseplants, kept in unexpected places in your house make a dramatic difference to its appearance and help you go green. Place smaller pots of ferns, succulents, and cacti on bar carts, sinks, and open shelves for an added effect. 

Introducing greenery in your house is the best way to proclaim your love for nature and create a beautiful and fresh indoor environment. 

Photo by Margarita Terekhova on Unsplash

5. Chalkboard Walls 

Placing a chalkboard wall in the kitchen or living room is an excellent way to personalize your home. Children can draw pictures on it instead of using the walls. Write messages to family members who you might miss due to the hectic daily hustle and bustle, or create lists of goals, to-do or shopping lists. You can write cute little notes or funny memos on it to maintain a positive mood throughout the day. 

 Take Your Time 

Personalizing your new home is time-consuming and a heck of a task. Although home decor personalization need not break the bank, it requires time, effort, and creativity. So while you needn’t invest a lot of money, perhaps investing a considerable amount of time will guarantee that your home will be converted it into a beautiful, functional, comfortable, and inviting place that inspires you and ultimately, makes you happy. 

Cover photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash