5 ways to create a cozy minimalist room

When you think about minimalist decorating style, all it comes in mind is “less is more”. For people who love uncluttered and organized space, this is the best option. On the other hand, minimalist could easily become a bit boring. Moreover if you’re also a fan of friendly and welcoming vibes.

For instance, this style has many benefits like plain, simple lines and neutral colors. This means it can be adapted and upgraded anytime you feel the need of a change. In addition, when you need to break a bit the cold and scant vibes of the minimalist decorating style, you can add some cozy touches.

One of the benefits it’s that you can play around with textures and patterns and still keep it simple. Do you want to know how to upgrade this design style to cozy minimalist style? Find below some tips for 5 ways to create a cozy minimalist room. 

1. Combine different textures and patterns

Keep your furniture and color scheme simple but add a bit of color with different patterns. For example, if you choose to have some natural materials for the furniture, combine it with some complementary colors for the accessories. In addition, add depth and dimension with a bold color for the walls and create a cozy feeling with big and warm extra pillows on the couch and armchairs.

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2. Choose warm neutrals

If you’re thinking that you can’t go wrong with neutrals, you’re probably right. But to create the perfect cozy atmosphere, choose the perfect ones to add warmth. For example, combine a patterned armchair with a simple white pillow and throw blanket. It will balance out the seating area and create a more inviting feeling.

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3. Incorporate subtle touches

Just because it is a minimalist style, that doesn’t mean color is forbidden. For example, if you find a nice vintage pieces at a furniture store, you can easily adapt it to fit your home. It will definitely bring a focal point and it will be a unique piece that will add personality to your room.

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4. Bring nature in

If you want to create the feeling of fresh, calming atmosphere, just bring in some nature. For example, add a plant that will change the vibe, fresh flowers to keep the crisp air and neutral but natural materials to complete the feeling. On the other hand, don’t over clutter with patterns or a lot of accessories.

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5. Pick accessories in a calming color theme

When you think about the perfect cozy space, besides your bed, could also be your couch. To create it, just add a bunch of large pillows and throw blankets you can enjoy on a evening. In addition, don’t over clutter with a lot of other unnecessary textures and patterns that will make the space feel too busy. A few cozy scented candles and some greenery will be enough.

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