Top 10 New Ikea products to check out in September

As we are so fast approaching the holidays season, Ikea begins its celebration of good times and relaxation. This year’s inspiration comes from the fall festivities in India. Read on to discover Top 10 New Ikea products to check out in September.

1. Colorful Cushion Covers

Brighten up the room with vivid colors. Cushions are the perfect detail and are the easiest ones to decorate in the colors of the season or, why not, the mood we find ourselves in.

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2. Decorative Bowl

Do you like snacks? Or potpourri? Or fruits, fresh or dry? Then a decorative bowl is just what you need. Bring the Indian influences in your living room.

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3. Small statuettes

There is always a shelf or a table on which we can add some decorations. Small statuettes give a very gentle aspect to the room. Ikea’s inspiration for this year is the peacock, India’s national bird. As majestic as it is in real life, so it is in the version of a small statuette.

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4. Decorative candles

It’s never been so easy to create a cozy atmosphere in your house, garden or balcony. Decorative timer based candles give a discrete light at the same time every day and night.

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5. Flexible lamps

If you have in your house item which you want to highlight, then this flexible lighting kit is what you need. Place them on your book library to show your favorite books or add them on your kitchen shelves so you don’t have to turn on the light every time you need something.

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6. Planter

Give your plants a treat! Whether you choose to keep them inside the house or in the garden or balcony, they definitely look better in a simple and elegant planter which also decorates the place.

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7. Traditional alarm clock

As difficult as it may be, scientists recommend not to sleep with our phones besides. We can easily travel back in time and place a modern  alarm clock on the night stand. It not only gives a nice touch to the room, but it is also very useful. Top tip: it has a snooze button!

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8. Modern rug

Give a fresh air to your living room by adding a modern colored rug. We will fill like entering in a new house. Choose a resistant and durable one, especially if it is a room with lot of traffic.

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9. Practical storage case

We always have things to store. Whether we talk about cloths, accessories or other toys, we want to have them organized in order to find them easily. Storage cases are a very practical and handy solution. It comes in multiple shapes and sizes so you can choose the best one for you.

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10. Cozy bedspread

Create a sense of comfort with a soft bedspread. It enhances the room and  it protects the sheets. Choose the colors that work best in your bedroom, but you can never fail with light shades.

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