Top 10 H&M Home products we love in September

September arrived with plenty new products in H&M, destined to bring joy and comfort with every single one of them. In this article you’ll discover top 10 H&M Home products we love in September.

1. H&M Home Marble soap dispenser

Bring a touch of elegance in your bathroom by including marble accessories. Not only they are durable, but they are also practical. Besides, the soap dispenser is probably the most used tool in the house, no matter if we’re talking about liquid or solid soap.

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2. H&M Home Stoneware pitcher

Cold season is just around the corner and you might consider purchasing a nice pitcher. Just imagine all the hot beverages ready for you and your guests in a simple and elegant design.

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3. Shell Straw basket

I’m pretty sure you’re tired of running into things and have them scattered all over the place, especially if you have a big family. Make your life easier with a nice straw basket in which you can collet all the accessories. Or, why not, keep your favorite fluffy blanket close to the sofa. Not to mention that is a quite cute object of decoration.

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4. Porcelain cup with gold details

Somewhere is 5 pm. Drink your favorite beverage in a distinguished porcelain cup. Whether it’s hot or cold, this type of cup will allow you to enjoy all the tastes you love at any moment.

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5. H&M Home Small fluted vase

Flower lover? Well, H&M brought some new vase models in simple designs which fit everywhere. The small fluted vase is perfect for small, seasonal flowers.

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6. Scented candle

There is always space for a scented candle. These new models are placed in a ceramic holder which makes them a nice piece of decoration. Choose the flavors you love to create the perfect atmosphere to relax. We all know that one is never enough.

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7. Metal wire hand mirror

We all want to look pretty and mirrors are our best friends. A new entry on H&M is this metal wire hand mirror with a very simple design. It is very practical and easy to store. And it will definitely tell you that you are beautiful every day.

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8. Stoneware candlestick

Decorative stoneware candlestick is a very elegant accessory to have in any room of the house. The wavy design makes them even more appealing and creates a romantic atmosphere no matter the time of day.

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9. Stoneware mug

Enjoy your coffee, tea or any other favorite drink in a stoneware mug. Simple and colorful, with a semi mat finish, these cute mugs are always a sight to see.

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10. Small porcelain dish

A small dish is always useful. Especially for snacks. And porcelain makes it even more attractive.

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