How roman shades enhance your home decor

Have you ever considered how your window treatment affects the general aesthetic of your home? Some window treatments tend to stick out like a sore thumb and distract from the décor you’ve got going on. That said, you should ensure your treatment fits your home décor and enhances it. 

One stylish, simple yet practical option is to install roman shades. These shades not only block bright sun rays and muffle outside noise but also enhance your home’s interior and create a great ambiance. They also have soft drapes and folds mounted in a way that perfectly folds when opened. With all these advantages, roman shades are still an affordable alternative to other treatments as they offer a well-layered option.

When choosing from all the styles of roman shades, you need to remember all the ways roman shades enhance your home decor. Below are all the other ways roman shades enhance your home decor. Happy Reading!

They Offer A Sleek Look

Since roman shades offer you the option to mount it either inside or outside the window frame, you get to settle for an option that works well for you. An inside mount is a popular option that can be paired with other window treatments to create a sleek look. 

Alternatively, you can opt for outside roman shades that easily fit into tight spaces. Not only does this option add style to your space, but it’s also easy to clean and maintain. Outside roman shades are available in light to medium materials that can be machine washed or spotted cleaned.

They Have Sculpted Folds That Enhance Your Home’s Ambiance

There are numerous kinds of roman shades available. Different shades are made with fabric and have sculpted folds that fit different aesthetics. Choosing the perfect fabric roman shades with the right folds will significantly enhance your home décor. So, when choosing roman shades, consider the folds and whether it fits your theme. The main types of folds to choose from include;  

    • Flat Fold: This type of fold is the best option if you want a simple and contemporary appearance. When opened, it folds into neat stacks at the top, but it appears flat against the window when closed. As a result, this type of fold works best with floor-length curtains to provide more practical light filtering options.
    • Plain Fold: if you want to add texture to your décor, this type of fold will do as it’s wider and heavier, thus bringing more body to the window covering. Unlike the flat fold, this fold is visible when the shade is lowered and more pronounced when raised. 
  • European Fold: if you are going for a relaxed look, this type of fold is perfect as it doesn’t contain a rod sewn into the shade. So, the lack of this rod adds the perfect relaxed look to the room.
  • Soft Fold: these fold options create a rounder fold without interfering with the straight edge at the bottom. So, if you want something to add a voluminous appearance to your home décor, you should settle for this type of fold. 

They Are Available In Different Design Options

When choosing roman shades, it’s crucial to choose one that complements your home décor. Roman shades are versatile regarding the available fabrics, designs, and color palette. Some fabrics to consider include cotton, linen, polyester, and silk. And the designs to keep in mind include solids, florals, stripes, and patterns. 

So, if you are a minimalist, chances are you used plain white often. As a result, consider roman shades made with white cotton fabrics to suit the general aesthetic. However, settle for a neutral-colored fabric to tone down the bright colors around your house. Consider shades with designs such as trims and piping to add colorful accents to your window treatments. 

They Can Be Customized Easily

Having the option of customization when it comes to window treatment is vital in enhancing your home décor. And roman shades are perfect as they can be customized to fit your home décor, meaning you won’t deal with out-of-place treatments. For instance, if you’re looking for a cleaner look that compliments your minimalist theme, settle for motorized roman shades that don’t have cords. Additionally, you can hide your unattractive curtain railings under valances.  

Bottom Line

Incorporating window treatments requires a lot of thought and consideration. The perfect treatment needs to match your interior and enhance it in the process. In addition to enhancing the home décor, roman shades offer energy efficiency.  

Depending on your chosen material, these shades can allow or block sunlight. Additionally, they offer better temperature control compared to other alternatives. Above all, they are great additions to your home to match and enhance your home’s decor and overall aesthetics.

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