5 modern tile ideas for your kitchen

When it comes to decorating or remodeling your home, either you find it overwhelming or you make the most of it. As a matter of fact, it’s a great opportunity to play with colors and patterns, different styles and accesories to create the perfect environment for you. For instance, if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, the are plenty of options that you can choose from. Starting with colors, you need to find your favorites. Same goes for materials and patterns.

At first, a fun way of remodeling is choosing the syle you love the most and adapt it to your home. Once you’ve decided the direction, you can proceed with choosing the details. For one reason, one of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen’s style is to change the tiles. It’s not a very expensive way but it’s very impactful.

For example, colorful or patterned tiles can create a modern look and function as a focal point. On the other hand, traditional monochromatic tiles could create a timeless vibe. It can help you create a classic foundation and play with different, modern accesories at the same time. Decorative tiles could add personality to a small kitchen while some classic subway tiles, for example, are a timeless option. Discover below 5 modern tile ideas for your kitchen that will help inspire you with your next remodel.

1. Classic white tiles

By all means, the classic white design for tiles is anything but boring. You can play it safe with it and adapt different patterns and colors for the other accesories. Coupled with some black accents, it will stand the test of time and it will offer the timeless feeling anytime.

Lexi Westgard Design

2. Vintage Rose kitchen tiles

If you’re a fan of vintage style, adapt it for your kitchen tiles, as well. For instance, choose a neutral color that will adapt with the vintage furniture and will create that warm feeling. On the other hand, if you want to make a modern take on the vintage vibes, pair it up with some cool, bronze accesories. You will have the perfect amount of vintage and modern vibes.

Cle Tile 

3. Modern Pastels tiles

To complement a lovely pastel furniture, you can choose to play with some graphic colored pastel tiles. Most importantly, you need to establish the range of colors that will fit and combine it to your kitchen’s style. In addition, the tiles could add texture to a monochromatic pastel furniture. To create a continuous feeling and atmosphere, add some open shelves in the same color range as the tiles.

Original Style

4. Modern Grey kitchen tiles

If you’re a fan of classic white kitchens, we get you! Who doesn’t love them? To add a touch of color and dimmension, choose to add a modern grey tile. Despite the fact that it’s still a neutral tone, it will complement perfectly with the white furniture. Moreover, it’s a way to create a timeless kitchen with a sense of fun.

Pure Joy Home

5. Terracota Kitchen tiles

In an open shelves kitchen, you need to create some dimmension. For instance, choose to play with some natural elements for the furniture and combine it with some hexagon tiles. As for color, terracota will work like a charm with the natural elements and will create an updated and fresh feeling in your kitchen.

Fireclay Tile

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