3 top tips for window cleaning

Whether we in live in a house or in an apartment, we can all agree that windows are the best part of any building. They allow natural sunlight to come in and we all love that. However, the bigger the window, the more difficult to clean it gets. And this is the not so pleasant part. Here are 3 top tips for window cleaning which you may find very useful.

Even if we don’t really like it, we should clean the windows at least 2 times a year. 3 times if we live on a boulevard or in an area with lots of trees. We will thus protect them and allow natural light to reach in easily. Nevertheless, the frequency we wash the windows with is directly impacted by the weather. A long rainy season might force us to clean the windows more often.

1. Choose the right time

If you think about when it’s the best time to clean the windows, you should know that mornings are the best for that. This is the time when the sun is not too strong and maybe the windows are not in direct sunlight. This way we avoid all the streaks which appear when the cleaning solution evaporates very fast due to a too warm weather.

Photo by Laura Cleffmann on Unsplash

2. Use the right products

There are plenty of window cleaning products & tools on the market. You just need the patience to try them all. But there is one ingredient which can be found in our homes and provides great results: vinegar. And for best results, use distilled vinegar which is basically a white vinegar that has been purified more. The recipe is simple: mix equal quantities of distilled vinegar and warm water in a spraying bottle. Some recommend to add a bit of wash detergent in the composition, but it’s just a matter of choice. First, remove the dirt from the frames or the window if necessary, then spray the mixture on the window. Wipe down with a soft & clean microfiber cloth. Use this one instead of paper towels which are very absorbent, but can leave awful marks and make you work twice as much. There is no need to rinse with water.

3. Call for professionals

By far, the most practical solution. Considering that we live in a more alert pace, help is one phone call away. It doesn’t matter if it’s not an office building, professional window cleaners can provide best results in your home too. Especially if you live on a top floor with no terrace and difficult access to all the corners of the windows.

Cover photo by ASIA CULTURECENTER on Unsplash