Gray kitchen ideas for your next remodel

As in fashion, decor trends come and go out of style quite frequently. Certainly, some of them become timeless. For example, black and white combinations are still popular. In addition, natural wood is still used for counters, for example,  and neutral color palette will never go out of style. When you think about the kitchen, most of the times it comes to mind the space where you create most of your memories. In terms of trends, white kitchens became very popular these past years.

If you are a person who loves bright kitchens, but, at the same time, finds white a bit boring, just consider a gray one. Gray kitchens are also having a lot of appreciation nowadays. It became a timeless kitchen color that will pass the test of time and most importantly, will adapt to different styles. When you think about gray, you definitely know that is a versatile color and it could adapt easily.

Unlike any other colors, gray could be used as a warm and cold color, depending on what is combined with. For example, you can choose to have a gray kitchen furniture and combine it with some white walls. It will add dimmension to the room and also will bring a friendly vibe. Don’t be afraid to choose dark accents and maybe colorful appliances, it will balance the warm and cold tones together. If you’re changing places or you just think to redecorate, find below some gray kitchen ideas for your next remodel.

1. Modern Gray

Gray color could feel a bit old if it’s not used in the proper combinations. For example, if you choose to have gray furniture but you also love a modern vibe, try to add some bronze touches. Even if you choose to add some bronze chairs to the kitchen island or maybe bronze accesories, it will make all the difference. If you also could benefit from a lot of natural light, you will have a lovely and welcoming kitchen vibe.

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2. Minimal Gray

If you’re a fan of minimal style, you can definitely adapt it to your kitchen as well. You just need to find the perfect minimal furniture and adapt it for your needs. Most importantly, you need to balance the colors in order to add neutrality and depth to your home.


3. Farmhouse Gray

For those lucky enough to live in a big house that could also adapt to a farmhouse style, gray would work perfectly in your kitchen. For instance, it is so versatile that could easily adapt to this style as well. In addition, you can combine it with natural wood and neutral touches and you’ll get that cozy feeling. Add a white sink and some flowers and you will instantly refresh the vibe.

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4. Dark Gray

If you love darker tones for your kitchen furniture, don’t worry! Gray comes in multiple shades and you could definitely find the perfect one for you. For example, if you have a smaller kitchen, you can consider a dark gray for the furniture and balance it with a white countertop. In addition, play with the same tones for the floor, to complete the same vibe in the kitchen.

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5. Timeless Gray

Even though gray is considered a neutral color, its undertones could make it warm or cold. For instance, if you want to create a timeless style for your kitchen, you can choose to combine different tones of gray with neutral, natural touches and white paint for the walls. A balanced and contemporany kitchen should combine warm colors and materials and create a beautiful space.

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