5 Gorgeous bathroom tiles ideas

Have you ever noticed that the way your bathroom is decorated has an impact on your mood? If it has the right combination of colors and shapes can change your state of mind in an instant. This is applicable for tiles too. Although bathroom remodeling  is not something you do every year, you might want to see what are the trends when you start for some inspiration. Pay attention when choosing the correct size tile for your bathroom because this aspect probably  has the biggest impact on the overall look and  getting this wrong can be a pretty expensive error. Read more to find out 5 gorgeous bathroom tiles ideas.

5 Gorgeous Bathroom Tiles Ideas

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the dynamics of your bathroom and how the right sized tile can improve the aspect and create the feeling like there is more space. Another very important step is to choose the right color or to combine more colors and create a more joyful place to enjoy.  Tiles are the most important elements in the bathroom as they must be moisture resistant and easy to clean. Here are some of the most gorgeous shower tiles ideas.

Green tiles in small dimensions

Green won the popularity contest in 2022 and is the most wanted color for everything. Maybe because it’s bringing us closer to the nature. If you want your bathroom to be the oasis of your house, then you should definitely choose  small shower tiles in green color  and combine multiple shades to create dimension. You will feel refreshed each time you enter the room.

Photo: @strikeme_pink

Medium size tiles in neutral shades

Neutral colors are always a great option when decorating a room, especially when decorating the bathroom. Try combining tiles with different geometrical forms and shapes to give a modern look to your bathroom.

Photo by Bilal Mansuri

Large tiles

Even though this type of tile is more difficult to handle because it requires more space, it offers a more elegant aspect to your bathroom. It is very popular for the floor because it has fewer grout lines and it opens up the space. Imagine the same effect on the walls. Pros: less tiles, les space between them to clean and a clearer space. Cons: they require a special attention in montage. But let’s be honest, we will do whatever it takes to provide us with the comfort we deserve.


Honey Mosaic Tiles

This style is really versatile. You have the option to choose the tiles in this format or you can go for composite boards which you can apply on the existing tiles. It’s great if you want to refresh the looks of your bathroom.

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Stone-like tiles

Stone-like tiles look amazing on the walls of your bathroom, but it requires more maintenance than the ceramic ones. This type of tile comes in various shapes, sizes and colors, all inspired from nature.

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