5 Best Air Purifiers on Amazon

A air-purifier is a device that cleans the air in the room to improve air quality. It’s a new tool which had become very commercial in the last decade due to the increased pollution of pollen and dust we are facing. An air-purifier does not add moisture, it just cleans the air. This is the main difference from an air humidifier. If you are constantly sneezing and/or the air is stuffy inside the room, these are signs you should get an air-purifier. It is also very helpful for the sick members of the family.

Besides it’s numerous benefits, an air-purifier also has some disadvantages: windows should be closed, space should be provided, it’s not entirely quiet and it requires regular maintenance.

An air-purifier must have a designated space as close to your head as possible. This way the clean air has to travel less to get to you. If you are placing it in the bedroom, a nightstand is the perfect place. But this doesn’t mean you can’t place it in the kitchen or in the living room. There are numerous shapes and sizes to choose from. Consider the size of the room, the price you want to pay and the benefits you need. Here you will find 10 best air-purifiers on Amazon to get you started.

1. Large Room Air-purifier

A bigger room requires a more powerful air-purifier. Make sure to find the perfect space to place it and allow it to do it’s job. A strong air purifier comes with multiple stages of filtration to clean the air from dust, smoke, mold and many more.


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2. Kitchen Air Purifier

The kitchen already has many practical accessories so the air purifier should be a small device which will not stand in our way. There are many options, but you have to focus on the volume of time spent in the kitchen when making the choice.

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3. Standing Air Purifier

The main advantage of a standing air purifier is that it doesn’t require too much space. You can place in any room or in the hallway and let it clean the air from allergens.

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4. Wi-Fi Air Purifier

It couldn’t be any more practical. Use your phone to turn on the air purifier while you’re at work so that you can enjoy a clean air when you get home. Comfort in one click.

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5. Noise reduced air purifier

With all the gadgets available in our homes, we still need to find peace and quiet. So an air purifier should make less noise while we enjoy the comfort of our house.

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