Summer plumbing red flags no homeowner should overlook

When summer arrives, you tend to feel relaxed about the plumbing problems at home. After all, frozen pipes and overtaxed water heaters are not concerns anymore. But the warmer weather brings another set of plumbing woes. The worst part is that you are more likely to overlook them amid the trips to the beach, outdoor parties, school holidays, and vacation planning. Moreover, your plumbing system may work harder if you invite guests. Staying ahead of the plumbing red flags is the best way to address plumbing issues before they worsen to become daunting problems. Here are the ones you must not overlook.

Flooding in the basement

The summer season often brings unexpected downpours, and your home may not be ready to handle their aftermath. In fact, a rainy spell can cause a flooding problem in your basement before you can do something. Ensure that your sump pump is working well after the winter month. Schedule a check and address any problem sooner ran later to prevent basement flooding in the rainy weather.

Clogged disposal

Another warning sign you should not ignore is clogged disposal. It is more likely during the warmer months when you have lots of leftovers and fruit peels to dispose of. You can do your bit by double-checking what goes down your drain. But you cannot be too sure about your kids and visitors. Grease from grilling is another factor than can clog your disposal and slow it down. You must get a professional clean-up when it does not seem to run properly.

Toilet blockage

You can expect the toilet traffic to increase when kids are at home and guests are around for parties and sleepovers. You may encounter a blockage problem due to an extra load of toilet paper making its way into the drains. Remind your kids about flushing only toilet paper and nothing else in the toilet. But you must call an emergency plumbing service to deal with a blockage if it gets serious. The last thing you want to encounter is a dirty toilet overflowing and causing a mess.

Slower shower drains

Besides clogged disposal and blocked toilets, slow shower drains are another plumbing issue you may encounter during the summer months. The trips to the park and the beach can bring sand, dirt, and pebbles to the shower area. The best way to prevent this problem is by rinsing off at the beach and cleaning yourself outside before stepping into the bathroom for the shower. Clean the drain cover to prevent hair and dirt from running down the drain.

Check sprinkler issues

Your lawn gets more traffic during the warmer weather with regular use of lawn mowers, barbecue parties, and outdoor time for kids. You may come across broken sprinkler issues more often than you imagine. It can lead to wastage of water and may also increase your water bills in the long run. Check your sprinklers for leakage and damage regularly, and address the problems with timely repairs.

Plumbing issues can cause hassles in summers, so it is better to address them when they are small. Keep an eye on these problems and resolve them by calling experts sooner than later.


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