How to add color to a minimalist bedroom

First of all, let’s discover what minimalism is and how can you adapt it to your home. Minimalism is becoming more and more popular, even if we are talking about fashion, way of life or decor style. For instance, when you think about minimalism, you think about clean lines, organized stuff and declutter. It’s a trend that promises bringing simplicity in our chaotic lifes. On the other hand, minimalism is about prioritising. How can we organize our homes and keep only the essential.

Moreover, minimalism design is all about neutral colors, simple forms and avoiding excess decoration. However minimalism could feel effortlessly simple, trying to get to that style without being boring it’s not that easy. Most importantly, one of the biggest pros of minimalism is that you won’t have to spend a fortune with it. For example, it could be eco-friendly and cost-effective and could help you save some money when remodeling.

Minimalism’s philosophy of “less is more” could be easily adapted to your bedroom. Moreover if you live in a nice but small apartment and you need to take advantage of every single space. You can definitely focus only on the essential for your bedroom without creating a boring one. Below we will discover together some tips on how to add color to a minimalist bedroom so it will inspire you.

1. Add soft wallpaper to the walls

If you think about creating a focus point on your bedroom that won’t feel too much, you can definitely could find a lovely but simple wallpaper.

Most importantly, keep it neutral with some simple lines to fit with the entire room. For example, add a nice wallpaper on one of the walls and play with the tones from it on the other ones in the room. It will balance out the vibe and offer that calm feeling. It will also help with your sleep alongside a great mattress.

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2. Add some black touches

If you feel like your bedroom has a lot of neutral tones and needs a bit of color, just add some black touches. For example, if you want to change your photo frames, try to replace them with some black ones. It will add dimmension to the room and “break” the neutral boring tones.

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3. Add some pops of colors to your minimalist bedroom

If you’re entire bedroom is based on neutrals, just add some pops of colors that will refresh the vibe. For example, besides some colorful flowers that could change the entire atmosphere, just add sime colorful pillows on the bed. Play with some bold colors and if you need to change them once in a while, it won’t cost a fortune.

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4. Choose dark tones

Minimalism is not only based on warm, neutral tones. You can definitely have a minimal bedroom but with some dark tones. Moreover if you love some bold, dark colors.

For example, just choose a bold dark color for the walls and a statement piece of furniture for the bed. Most importantly, don’t overclutter with the accesories to balance everything.

How to add color to a minimalist bedroom

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5. Choose a theme

If you love to have your bedroom organized but you would love to also have a theme, you can defnititely have it. For instance, you would love a minimal bedroom but you’re also a big fan of flowers. Just add a flowers thematic to it. Play with a floral wallpaper, for example, and choose some special accesories. A lovely flower lighting piece will fit perfectly and some light textures will embrace the vibe.

How to add color to a minimalist bedroom




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