8 colorful wall ideas for your living room

For many of us, the living room is one of the most important rooms in our homes. It could offer different functions, from a room where you spend your evenings in to a room that will transform in a bedroom as well, if you live in a studio apartment, for example. It’s really important that you establish the functionality of your living room before starting to think about decorating it.

For instance, it will be a room that will be used only for spending some time in the evening? Or maybe it will be a room that needs to function as dining room as well. Moreover, maybe it will be the room that needs to be your living and sleeping room as well. If you’re lucky enough to have a proper living room that can be used for gatherings, for example, it’s perfect. Most importantly, when you think about decorating your living room, you need to have in mind your lifestyle. You need to have a home that you love so it needs to fit your everyday life.

If you’re a happy person and you love colors, why not use them in your home, as well? Firstly, you need to think about the dimensions of your living room and think about where to stop. It could feel a bit overwhelming when you will try to combine a lot of colors and patterns in the same room. Decorating with color could feel a scary thing but it won’t have to be this way if you follow these simple tips. Discover below 8 colorful wall ideas for your living room that will help inspire you.

1. Eye Catching Art

If colorful walls could be a bit too much for you, you can definitely make a statement with an eye catching piece of art. You can opt for a subtle wall color and then layer it with something like colorful peacock wall art. It will bring the required color, texture and give a polished look to your space. Even if it’s a large painting or a statement piece of art, it will become the main focus of the room and change the entire vibe.

2. Bold colorful wall ideas

If you have a spacious living room and you love colors, go with a bold color for the walls. It will give depth and offer a vibrant feeling. Most importantly, keep to the minimum the other accessories to balance everything out.

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3. Traditional with a twist walls

If you’re a fan of classic and timeless style, you can definitely add color to it. Make a statement our of the color of the wall and play with different accents. For example, if you choose a bold blue for the walls, play with neutral colors for the rest.

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4. Lovely baby blue wall idea

If you love colors but you also want to keep them bright and airy, just choose a lovely blue. For instance, it will offer a calming vibe and also it will be easy to combine it with the accessories. Most importantly, it will be a safe backdrop and you can layer with different patterns.

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5. Playful pattern colorful wall idea

It’s ok if you don’t want to paint all the walls in a bold color and think it will be too much for you. For example, you can choose to have a patterned part that will make the focus point of the room. In addition, you can combine the other accessories in the room to fit and create a lovely vibe.

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6. Bold black tones

Who says you can’t use black for your walls? It’s a very bold but calming color. Most importantly, you need to have in mind to use another colors for the accessories. In addition, if you break the black with a statement bright painting, for example, it will balance everything out perfectly.

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7. Modern Vibrant

A colorful room is a great way to offer a fun vibe to your home. Just use the colors that you love the most and play with the patterns that fit. You will create the living room that will make you feel comfortable and you will love to spend time there.

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8. Timeless accents

Give an update to your classic vibe with a vibrant colors for the walls. A classic white with a timeless furniture could become a bit boring sometimes. Just add a splash of color to change things up and upgrade the vibe.

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