10 Home decor products in electric ’80 colors

This season is bolder than ever bringing back the daring, fun and electric 80’s shades in modern, unique and creative deco items. From a flashy and dreamy purple to a sunny yellow or vibrant orange, let’s shop 10 Home decor products in electric ’80 colors:

1. The ceramic yellow green vase

Decorate your home with lots of creative vases in bold colors. Mix and match them with other colorful deco elements and furniture, but most especially, colorful flowers. Shop this cool ceramic yellow green vase here.

2. 80’s Colors – The fun mirror shelf

We love a cool mirror with storage solutions and a fun shelf for your new favorite deco elements. This season go bold with a colorful mirror like this one you can find here.


3. Colorful taper candles

An easy way to integrate the electric 80’s shades in your home is through long and colorful candles. Find your favorite shades and check out this lovely set of 4 taper candles here.

4. 80’s Colors – “Ice cream” by Eric Lin

Fun prints in electric colors are trending this season giving your home color and personality. Search for artsy prints and also some abstract art. Check out this darling ice cream print here.

5. Creative Eden outdoor pillow

Even the outdoor space needs it’s electric colors, especially sunny colors that remind you of tropical fruits like this fun orange pillow with a wild print. Shop it here.

6. The magnet floating frame

A colorful frame and fun artsy prints? Yes, please! Shop the one with your favorite city and color and style a dreamy corner of your home with this frame, cool candles and your favorite Spring flowers. Check out these cool magnet floating frames here.


7. The glass incense holder

With a gorgeous retro design and in 4 electric colors, these incense holders will add dreamy scents, an artsy design and a calm vibe to your home. Purchase them here.

8. The fun chairs for extra sitting

If you don’t have a lot of space or if you always need extra sitting, then having a few folding chairs around your home is the perfect solution for your home. This season try this fun and bold orange ones that can make your home more colorful and artsy. Buy them here.


9. The rainbow candle holders

This season you have to search for the most creative candle holders you can find and fill them with long colorful candles in fun shades. Check out this rainbow candle holders here.

10.  Sunflower scented candle in glass jar

Make a happy space with this sunny candle in a glass jar that has a warm season scent. Mix it with other sunny yellow elements and electric and bold items for a daring and colorful corner in your home. Shop it here.