Colorful modern house in Gan Yavne, Israel

A beautiful colorful modern house designed by interior designer Nurit Tanami. The home is located in Gan Yavne, Israel. Nurit transformed a crowded and overly colorful home into a cheerful and light one.

Still, the family of 5 loved their home and wanted a bit of help to revamp it and make it more cohesive. The designer wanted to maximize the available space and keep the cheerful vibe of the house. The result? A dreamy colorful modern house with a lot of taste.

In the living room you’ll find furniture with natural basic colors like mocha, beige and wood details. Bold colors were added through textiles and art.

A first step was to break a wall between the kitchen and living room and another wall between the kitchen and the pantry. This made whole space look bigger and it let more light in.

The walls were painted light beige to blend with the beige kitchen cabinets. The the natural stone backsplash the floor was replaced with lovely decorated tiles adding just the right amount of color and character to the kitchen.

The master bedroom tiles were replaces with decorative blue and grey tiles. There is an accent wall painted light blue as well. Also, the big mirror on the closet door creates an illusion of a larges space.

For the guest bathroom Nurit picked old newspaper pattern wallpaper, a pedant brass wall light and subway tiles. This created a vintage vibe.

Photography by Elad Gonen

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