4 Apartment design trends for 2022

“The design of your home influences not only your mood but also health and general well-being,” says Timothy Corrigan, top interior designer, in an interview for Vogue. And it is true. You cannot neglect the psychology of interior design, as it is proven to reduce anxiety and blood pressure, or simply lift up your spirits.

In this article, you will discover the top four apartment design trends in 2022, which will make your apartment more comfortable.

Apartment design trends 2022 – Home Office

Over 70% of employees work from home due to the pandemic. 77% of people believe that they will switch to the hybrid work model after the pandemic ends.

When you work from home, you need a workplace — a home office, where you can concentrate and focus on your tasks. Please make sure that you won’t eat, sleep, or watch TV in this room — this will ruin the atmosphere. If possible, arrange your working area in a separate room; otherwise, use one of the room corners.

These days, more and more people are starting to view their living areas as multifunctional. The coronavirus situation has shown us that we can live with less, and we also realize the importance of rational space distribution, especially if there is a small apartment and several family members who need to work from home.

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Apartment design trends

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Colors and Мaterials

Talking about colors, mineral shades, pastels, and basic colors are trendy this year. Interior designers draw inspiration from nature, so you can go ahead and choose from all shades of green to earth shades. You should pay extra attention to bold yellow — the color of optimism — and soft pink. These two may help you to create a nice contrast of elements. All in all, consider darker shades for bedrooms and living rooms, while bathrooms and kitchens are recommended to be painted in light cheerful tones.

Also, another big trend in 2022 is eco-sustainability. This means the incorporation of reused/recycled materials (textured glass, stone, and wood) with the help of new technologies. Another tendency that is gaining momentum is decorating a bathroom wall with stabilized moss. This easy-to-grow plant will add a sense of nature to your apartment. This also shows how well the modern technological environment can blend with nature.

Photo by Katja Rooke on Unsplash

Smooth Lines

Solid lines have dominated in interior design for years now; however, their time is over, and smooth natural lines are taking over step by step. In some sense, it shows how cyclic trends are. Smooth lines are a bright example of a return to 1950-70s fashion. We may expect to see smooth, curved lines in windows, arched ceilings, doorways, etc.

They bring a sort of calmness and comfort. Because it’s a sort of retro style, many may not like it. However, you can just make an accent on one item (element) with smooth lines — this will perfectly blend with today’s minimalistic interior designs.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Japandi apartment design trend

This style is relatively new. “Japandi” is a mix of the words Japan and Scandi, so Japandi is a combination of these two cultures — Japanese inspiration and Scandinavian minimalism. This mix creates an inspiring feeling of art plus nature. Here are some characteristic features of this interior design style:

  • Eco-friendliness.
  • Natural color palettes, light, and textures.
  • Usage of wood, especially oak, cypress, ash, cedar, beech, and larch.
  • Soft colors (blue, olive, cappuccino, etc.).

Japandi is a perfect style for your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. But with a bit of creativity, it can also be applied to a balcony or terrace. Add a small wooden coffee table or chairs. Japandi features high-quality, handmade furniture that will stand the test of time with a focus on minimalism and comfort.

japandi Apartment design trendsPhoto by Charlota Blunarova on Unsplash


As you can see, there are different apartment design trends this year. However, there is one thing in common — the practicality of every element, be it furniture, materials, or colors. Our modern lifestyle requires us to be practical, and this translates into interior design as well.

Besides, the place we live in must be comfortable and multifunctional, as many people continue to work from home. We spend around 60% of our lives working. So, why not make a place where you work comfortable for you personally? But remember that trends come and go,  meaning, which can be a combination of a few trends.

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