The Allure of Green – where and how to add the color green to your home

These days, when we hear the word ‘green’, we immediately associate it with sustainability and environmentalism.  However ‘green’ is also a color, as we all know, and like all colors, green carries many connotations with it.

One of the first things that comes to mind when talking about the color green is leaves and trees, but also rebirth and regeneration. Green is also the color of the mighty dollar, and often symbolizes wealth. There is also something regal about intense and deep green. According to interior designer Annette Frommer, “in recent years, the color green has become more and more appealing in interior design, in many diverse uses and in its various tones and hues.“

And Frommer, with her years of experience in this field, knows what she’s talking about. Here are just a few ideas on how to use green in interior design, to showcase its abounding versatility.

To start off, what better way than to use the many astounding shades of green than by bringing the green outdoors inside? Plants not only refresh the air we breathe, they also fulfil many decorative functions in interior design, thanks to their plethora of shades and silhouettes.

Using plants in empty corners,  as well as placing a beautiful plant on a console, in a bathroom niche or on a shelf, are a great way to delicately glam up the space in any home.

An example of a beautiful plant, placed in an empty corner. The graceful shape of the plant and the lovely curve of the planter provide chic and sophistication to the space.

Photo by Oded Smadar

Interior designer Annette Frommer continues: “I like to use the color green when a room needs a lift. Green is a great complementary color and enhancer.“

In this instance, the fully white kitchen needed something to brighten it up. The addition of the lime green stools provides the kitchen with the ‘pop’ it needs – that little dash of spice that provides style and interest.

                                                                                                            Photo by Elad Gonen

Here, a striking armchair in deep forest green acts as an alluring statement piece.  Note the green sconce and the small plant – lots of green delicately placed that smoothly blends with the outdoors.

Photo by Oded Smadar

Earthy emerald in velvet is absolutely mesmerizing and a bold, glamorous choice. It blends beautifully with oranges, bricks and browns.

                    Photo by Gilad Radat

To conclude: our lovely world provides us with many stunning colorful options to choose from, and opting for green is a praiseworthy decision.  When using green in the bedroom, tranquility is provided, and when using the color chartreuse (better known as a kind of yellow-green), your room feels lively and happy. For a glamorous and rich feel, opt for emerald or forest green, especially in velvet textures. So, what are you waiting for? Go green!