How to do minimalist interior design

First of all, let’s explain the idea of minimalism and what this really means. Minimalism has become a very popular lifestyle these days. It’s promising us decluttering our homes and living a simple and clean life. On the other hand, minimalist interior design is an influential visual style with big history in architecture, design, art, fashion and so on.

Certainly, minimalism is all about prioritising the essential. The key for a minimal design or architecture is keeping it simple and avoiding excess ornamentation. While it might appear effortlessly simple, a minimal piece is not so easy to achieve.

Minimalism can also be associated with objects, they should not only be simple but also need to speak to one another. They must work well together in their basic shape. The design needs to be clear and simple, but not boring, In order not to be bored, you can add a picture to the room. For example, canvas prints can help you with creating a minimalistic look by remaining modern style.

Minimalism interior design has become more and more popular thanks to the simplicity and relaxing mood it brings. However, there are some that may say it might get boring and plain using this kind of style. Likewise, you can be charged with lack of imagination when embracing it.

Above all, the key characteristics of minimalism design such as clean, simple lines or use of limited, well chosen materials have made this lifestyle one of the most liked and used ones. That is to say, if you’re thinking on changing your life motto to “less is more”, we’ve put together for you a couple of tips on how to do minimalist interior design, below.

Limited color palette

One of the best tips in minimalism decor is using the right amount of colors. For example, monochromatic color palette with accent touches is the best option for a clean vibe. They key is to keep the palette simple and avoid complex color combinations. Neutrals work best for a minimal decor along with dark grey, tones of white or a bit of moody dark. In addition, it will offer a serene and friendly vibe.


Choose clean lines in minimalist interior design

Even if we are talking about furniture, accessories or carpets your home will have a clean, airy and overall relaxed vibe. Just keep it simple with overdoing with textures or patterns that could overwhelm. For example, you can find lots of simple and bright furniture at Ikea. From simple beds, chairs, tables and mirrors, you will definitely find some pieces you will love.


Clutter free home

Minimalism design is the one that is airy and uncluttered, often with integrated storage. Do you really need all of that pieces you are buying? Just think about only the things you absolutely need and use and buy those. In a minimal decor, everything has its place and purpose. For example, store away everything you don’t use on a daily basis. Moreover, you’ll need only some pieces of furniture and a few pieces or artwork to create a welcoming and serene atmosphere.


Increase size with white walls

Another good reason to embrace minimalism, even more if you live in a small house, it’s that you can increase the size and create depth by painting the walls white. Likewise, you can use of space and natural light and focus on functionality. Creating an airy room that focuses on space, light and materials is one way of making life easier and less overwhelming.

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