Top 5 Best Bedroom trends 2022

Yes for best bedroom trends 2022! Spending more time at home it is important to have a cozy and dreamy space. Especially when it come to the bedroom! Prepare for 2022 with the new bedroom trends. The new trends are bold and nature inspired and can help you have a creative, yet relaxing bedroom space. Check out the Top 5 Best bedroom trends in 2022:

1. A colorful bedroom space

Colors are tricky when it comes to the bedroom space, a space where you need to rest and relax. So, if you choose to paint your walls in a bold color, then mix accent walls with neutral furniture pieces or vice versa. Fun bright furniture is trending this year.

Also, pair bold shades with relaxing ones like dusty pink or sky blue and create a trendy space. This will balance the bedroom and it won’t feel cluttered.

Moreover, you can even have a neutral bedroom and make it super colorful with lots of wall art and colorful decor items, this solution is also a very trendy one in 2022.

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2. Bedroom trends 2022 – A natural bedroom color scheme

The new minimalistic and Scandinavian inspired bedroom spaces have now a natural color scheme that gives the space a  cozy, welcoming and also super artistic vibe!

This kind of color scheme goes great with nature inspired furniture and deco elements as well as with abstract or line art and handmade decor pieces.

Also, colorful art in retro shades, terracotta red or solar tones will give a great contrast to an Earthy bedroom. You can also give some texture and contrast in this space by choosing prints for your pillow cushions, rugs, covers and sheets in the same calm natural inspired color scheme.


3. Botanical inspiration in your bedroom

“Bring the outside in” is one of the most common phrases when it comes to home design in 2022. We want to see nature in every room of our homes and you can bring nature in your bedroom space by choosing a nature inspired color palette, nature inspired furniture and deco elements and by surrounding your bed with lots of green plants in different sizes.

Moreover, when it comes to art the botanical trend will have a huge revival in 2022, so pick for your bedroom space botanical inspired wallpaper, wall art or prints for your bedroom fabrics. This kind of art work amazing in a retro or cottage inspired bedroom space as well as for a modern one which lacks some charming personality.

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4. Bedroom trends 2022 – Statement headboard

Choosing a creative headboard and having wall art and creative storage solutions on top of it are among the new trends of 2022. It is considered that the area that captures the most our attention when it comes to the bedroom space is the one with the bed, but most especially, the headboard part.

That’s why you should invest in a gorgeous headboard that defines your style and the look of the room. In 2022 choose a stylish velvet headboard, one made from nature inspired material or a creative one that looks like a work of art.

A cool headboard will make your bedroom looking like a stylish hotel room and we often search that when it comes to home design. As for the storage solutions use smart and creative storage on top of your bed and you will save a lot of space.

Last, but not least decorate the top of the bed with colorful art and pictures that inspired you and define the style of this dreamy room. You can also create a faux headboard with paint and a little bit of creativity.

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5. Bedroom trends 2022 – Creative lightning in your bedroom

In this space is important to use the right lights and well as creative lightning fixtures. Surround your bed with hanging lamps that are great for reading in bed or for setting the mood when you want just a cozy vibe. Another idea is choosing nightstand lamps in creative or in retro inspired shapes.

As for the ceiling, you can choose yellow lights to have a great atmosphere and add them in a creative lamp pendant that matches the style of you room and can help you daydream. Nature inspired lamps are also trending in 2022 making this space looking super relaxing.

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