Top 5 colors we love at IKEA right now

Every home needs a little bit of color and even a neutral space can stand out with some dreamy shades that pop out. From painted walls to colorful furniture and deco accents, check out top 5 colors we love at IKEA right now:

1. Soft pink

Calm and romantic, with soft pink you can create dreamy spaces in which you can find peace and balance. This shade is absolutely perfect for a calm looking bedroom space, where romance can spark, but also for a peaceful living room where you will love to relax or entertain guests. To bring a nature vibe to this space, soft pink will look amazing with fresh flower in pastel shades.

Top 5 colors we love at IKEA right now

Top 5 colors we love at IKEA right now

2. Sage  green

A fresh shade that symbolizes nature and new beginnings, Sage green is the perfect shade for a new home. It’s also the perfect shade with which you can mix the trendy nature inspired deco elements and furniture in the calm looking earthy shades.

Top 5 colors we love at IKEA right now

3. Classic blue

A refined shade that looks calm and makes you think of the sea, the ocean and a sunny vacation, classic blue is just perfect for a home with a traditional style that has elegant shades like green or brown. It can also look super sophisticated being ideal for a chic home in neutrals that needs a pop of color. Pair it also with yellow for a the perfect happy combo for a living space.

Top 5 colors we love at IKEA right now

Top 5 colors we love at IKEA right now

4. Terracotta red

This shade can define transitional seasons such as spring or fall and can bring you either a nostalgic vibe or an optimistic one with a fresh start. It looks amazing when paired with different shades of green and it always looks cozy and welcoming.

5. Caffe au lait

A stylish shades that brings an elegant and nostalgic vibe into a home, this shade look super relaxing, especially paired with nature inspired elements, Earthy shades and green plants. It’s ideal for an office space or a room where you search for a relaxing vibe.

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