6 Easy Christmas Decor ideas for you to try this season

Prepare for Christmas with some easy and stylish deco ideas that will bring the festive holiday vibe in your dreamy homes. Check out 6 Easy Christmas Decor ideas for you to try this season:

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1. Style creative vases with Christmas tree branches

Vases were the home decor stars of 2021, so lets celebrate them even in the holiday season by decorating them with tree branches instead of flowers or pampas elements. So, gather all your creatives vases and style them with dreamy tree branches and even with some branches with pine cones.

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2. Add the fire wood in a chic basket

Styling your fireplace wood can give a warm and cozy vibe to any home, while bringing also a chic twist to a corner of your home. So, choose a chic woven basket and decorate it with a cozy blanket, some dreamy tree branches and small cut wood, the perfect ingredients for a warm holiday season.

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3. Prepare a stylish diner table setup

A holiday like Christmas is the perfect excuse to make fabulous dinner setups with creative and stylish deco elements. Choose Christmassy plates and glasses in your favorite holiday colors, add glossy touches and decorate your holiday table with lots of candles, Xmas figurines and themed flowers or tree branches.

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4. Style your home with dreamy garlands

Garlands are always a festive idea and they can cover big spaces in an easy way, making them instantly Christmas themed. Choose garlands with Christmas motifs, in holiday or winter shapes or in the dreamy holiday colors and add them on top of different chic corners of your home.

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5. Instead of a Christmas tree, decorate tree branches

A chic way to have a Christmas tree is having only it’s chic branches. So, choose some Christmas tree branches or regular ones and decorate them with globes and your favorite holiday ornaments. Also, add them in water to make them last longer.

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6. Decorate your walls with lovely Christmas wreaths

Another great substitute for a Christmas tree is the beautiful Christmas wreath. It usually styles a door, but you can also decorate walls with it. Leave it simple or decorate it with ornaments in two dreamy shades and add also magic lights around it.

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