Dreamy Home: Vitalia’s classic home with a vintage feel in Poland

Today we’re stepping into Vitalia’s home in Małopolska, Poland. I’ve been following @pavitalia on instagram for quite some while and love how she blended a classic home style with vintage and glam elements. She’s has been living with her family for 11 years in the detached home and you can see the influence of her job in the living room.

The space is quite dreamy and inviting and besides the vintage and glam elements you can see the owner’s creativity and gentleness.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I work in musical education and I also conduct research on traditional music. I’m really keen on decorating interiors. I’m also really into flowers and gardening.

What is your home style?

Our house is arranged in classical style with some vintage or soft glam elements. I wanted our interior to feel cosy and bright. I combined modern furniture with some older, truly beautiful ones with soul.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I looked up for inspiration online – either on Instagram or in magazines. A lot of my ideas came from travelling too. Many of accessories and plants in our house are souvenirs from past travels. They remind us about some beautiful moments we had. I really like styling interiors using accessories. I prefer white, earth colours and greenness of plants. A lot of my decorations and accessories are homemade, especially seasonal ones.

Which is your fav DIY?

My favourite DIY is a big snowflake I created using ice cream sticks. It’s really simple but also eye catching.

Which is the dreamiest room in your home?

I especially adore our bright living room. That’s where I often change decorations.

What was the biggest challenge while renovating / decorating?

The biggest challenge was arranging our kitchen, where ergonomics and style had to be combined.

Any tips for people starting to decorate their home?

When it comes to house arranging advice, I think it’s really good to create a neutral base that can be changed with an addition of different accessories. Having a neutral foundation, it’s easy to maintain a cohesive interior. The worst thing you can do while arranging an interior is haste. I would also suggest combining accessories from flea markets with those from regular stores.

This marks the first of our Dreamy Homes interviews and home tours where we will present dreamy  homes throughout the globe! Please don’t forget to follow Vitalia on instagram, check out our insta page as well and stay tuned for more.

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