10 Best IKEA products we love in September

September comes at IKEA with fun, creative and colorful elements that will make your decor elements pop out and will bring extra joy and creativity into your dreamy homes. Check out 10 best IKEA products we love in September:

1. IKEA Art cards 

From a creative gallery wall to sending fun cards to your friends, we adore the new art card collection from IKEA. Mix and match them to create a colorful gallery wall and find them here.

2. IKEA Karismatisk snake pillow

The new Karismatisk collection brings a playful twist in your home with creative and eccentric deco elements. We love this stylish snake pillow in two pieces that you can shop here.

3. IKEA botanical statement print

Make a simple bedroom really creative and make a bed frame stand out with a statement print added just on top of your bed. We love this versatile one with flowers fitted for any kind of bedroom. Buy it here.

4. IKEA line art mirror

Imagine you’re living in a dreamy story whenever you look in your mirror. With the fun mirror from the new IKEA Karismatisk collection your dreams can come true. Check it out here.

5. IKEA Karismatisk colorful lamp shade

Shine like you’re living in the land of mermaids with this colorful lamp shade from the fun Karismatisk collection. Pair it with a glam or bohemian interior and you will love the vibe. Buy it here.

6. IKEA darling pillow cushion

If you love ruffles and romantic and fun pillows, this one is just for you making your bed really eccentric and inspiring. Go and check it out here.

7. IKEA Pink led bulb

Sweet dreams with the dreamiest light bulb ever – a pink one with a cool design! It goes great with a modern, industrial or retro interior so shop it here.


8. IKEA eccentric throw

A throw can easily change the looks of any spot and it also gives textured and shape to a piece of furniture. Go and take a look at this colorful throw with a fun print right here.

9. IKEA pink throw

Add pops of color in a neutral room with colorful elements that also have a cozy fall spirit. This pink and comfy throw will bring a fun vibe in the new season. Shop it here.

10. IKEA dreamy room divider

Besides looking dreamy, a room divider has the role to hide an ugly corner or to divide an open space. If you want your room divider to stand out, choose this one you can find here.

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