9 Luxury Appliances You Didn’t Know You Needed 

Luxury appliances have the ability to completely transform our homes and turn them into high-end oases. When you purchase a luxury kitchen appliance, you’re making an investment not only for your home but for your future. 

We’ll break down some of the best luxury appliances that are available on the market today, why they’re useful, and where you can find them. 

The Small Staples 

Small kitchen appliances are a staple of the kitchen. But which ones are the best performing and highest quality? 

A state-of-the-art built-in coffee machine that produces high-quality espresso is perfect for any coffee lover. Not only does it grind beans and boil water for you, but it also has 13 coffee options, from cappuccino to macchiato. It’s self-cleaning, and you can even time your brew, so it automatically produces coffee to match your schedule. 

You might not think of microwaves when you think of luxury, but that’s completely not the case with current ones available today. Luxury microwaves can be built into your walls or cabinets for a sleek design. You can let your appetite run wild with a full-colour LCD display, a stainless-steel interior, and an option to crisp your food. 

An important addition to any kitchen that truly benefits from an investment is a dishwasher. Specifically, you’ll want to look for a smart dishwasher that can be controlled from your phone or other devices, allowing you to save time—making your life a whole lot easier. Dishwashers that are super quiet and quick will add to the luxurious feel of your kitchen.  

The Big Contenders  

We can’t discuss luxury appliances without talking about the ones that we use the most in our everyday lives. 

Starting off in the kitchen, a gas range is the epitome of high-end appliances. Versatile with precise cooking abilities, a gas range makes cooking fun and easy while also adding a professional edge to your kitchen. They’re super easy to clean and add value to your kitchen if you ever consider selling your home in the future. 

Hood fans are not only an important part of the kitchen, but they can be a unique focal point of the space. Adding a gas range to a kitchen island and hanging a hood fan right over it is a gorgeous way to upgrade your kitchen. Hood fans now come in multiple different materials, shapes, and colours, so you can customize them to suit your aesthetic.

A French door refrigerator offers a convenient design while also adding style to your kitchen. You get more space for groceries, and they can easily be implemented into your cabinet design for a fresh look. Super chic, luxury French door refrigerators are quiet and can be outfitted with wood panels or even glass. 

The Little Extras

Now it’s time to focus on the final touches that you can add to your home to up the ante. 

A wine fridge is a surefire way to turn heads, especially if you have a killer wine collection. With most being outfitted with a glass door, this enables people to look in and see the great selection you have to offer. Most wine fridges are super quiet and can be added to your kitchen, bar area, or basement recreation room. 

Barbeques can be used all year round, not just in the summer! When you invest in a good one, they’re a gift that will keep on giving, offering a great way to entertain friends and family. Luxury barbeques can offer natural gas, charcoal, or grilling options, as well as the added bonus of a rotisserie spit. Intuitive lighting means that you can grill even in the evening or on darker days and not have to worry about being unable to see the food. A grease management system means they’re super easy to clean, and you can also have precise control over your heating settings. 

If you want to elevate your outdoor dining experience even further, then getting a gas side burner to accompany your barbeque is what you’re looking for. You can do your other cooking activities alongside your grilling, like boiling corn, cooking down sauces, or blanching vegetables. They’re available in single or double burners and are available in natural or LP gas.  

Time to Start Shopping 

Luxury kitchen appliances are not appliances that are secondary or unnecessary. In fact, they’re the exact opposite! If you invest in your appliances, they can improve your quality of life and even add value to your home. Since they’re long-lasting, they save you money in the long run since you won’t have to worry about replacing damaged items or buying completely new ones. 

While they look super glamorous, and of course, add extra style to your home, they’re also incredibly practical and functional. 

Take a look at more luxury kitchen appliances.

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