7 Creative ways to use layering in your home

Layering is the best way to add contrast and texture in a room making it really dreamy and with lots of personality. It’s easy to do different kinds of layers in your home, so check out 7 creative ways to use layering:

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1. On top and next to the sofa

The living room is the perfect interior to use layering, there are a lot of chic options for this versatile space! First of all make your sofa stand out and use layers on it. Start by making a pillow mix using pillows in the same color palette and mixing neutral pillows with printed ones and some with different textures like faux fur or frills. Then, add dreamy covers in the corners of the sofa and cover half of it to make it look super stylish.

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2. On top of the bed

When someone comes in your bedroom or you’re making a guest bedroom, the bed has to look amazing and layering makes it way more easy! Start by making a comfy pillow mix using square and round pillows in different textures, colors and prints, but keeping in mind the same style. Then, use at the end of the bed a cover mix using faux fur, cotton and knitted blankets and covers.

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3. For a reading corner

A reading corner or a relaxing nook in the corner of your home has to look super comfortable and layering will make it comfy and cozy and just perfect for you to sit in and chill or read a book. Start by picking a comfortable chair and fill it with one or two pillows with different textures, and comfortable covers with frills or knits. Make sure you stick with the same color palette in the room when choosing this cozy layers that will give a hygge vibe to this space.

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4. On a desk chair

Make you home office as comfy as possible using layers! How about a cozy rug, the perfect comfortable pillow or a chic blanket for a cold day? They sound just perfect so choose them in the same style and colors of the room, also the more stylish the better!

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5. On a bench

Used for sitting in the hallways or to get ready in the bedroom space, benches are super stylish in any home and they will look more stylish when  styled with a tiny pillows mix and comfy blankets, especially knitted ones.

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6. In the bathroom space

A bathroom can look cozy, relaxing and SPA inspired with a good layering. So, you can add a cover on the bathtub, style a staircase or a relaxing bench with it. Also, you can use layering for your favorite towels or bathroom rugs.

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7. In you terrace/balcony space

Layering is ideal for a bohemian balcony, it will give it this space lots of personality and style. Style your chairs and balcony sofas with pillows, covers and blankets to make everything perfect for a chilly summer day and also use a rug layering on the floor.

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