9 Ways to Create a Beautiful Spring Garden

While lots of people love spring because it means the end of seasonal depression, gardeners particularly love it because it means that flowers and greenery suddenly appear. For people with green thumbs, nothing is better than seeing all the seeds sprout into beautiful blooms. From trees to flowers, gardeners live for springtime. Here are some ways to create a beautiful Spring garden you can enjoy for the whole season!

Use more than just flowers and plants. Creating a beautiful garden might start with planting the right seeds, but adding personalized garden stones, unique lighting and even eccentric outdoor furniture are what adds character to your space. Incorporating these elements will have your garden looking fresh for Spring!

Plant around the time your last frost will end. If you’re planting your garden from seeds instead of installing anything after it’s bloomed, you’ll want to ensure that you plant your seeds indoors a few weeks before your area’s last frost date – 6 weeks before, in most cases. You’ll plant them indoors just in case there’s any unforeseen weather issues, and you can control how much sunlight and water they get. Once those 6 weeks have passed, you can transfer them to your garden so they can get as much natural sunshine and rainwater as possible. Of course, if you live in an area that doesn’t get much rainfall during the spring, you’ll want to be sure to water your plants yourself consistently. If you miss the frost date, no worries! You can plant a variety of annual flowers directly into the ground, such as marigolds. Just visit your local gardening store to find the annuals that will grow best in your area!

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Physically create the space. Your garden will look great with a set of beautiful gates! Garden gates mark where there’s a change. Whether that’s between your flower garden and your vegetable garden, or a place within your garden you’ve designated as the space you can sit back and relax, a garden gate will give you privacy and add a beautiful dimension to your garden space. To make your garden gate stand out for Spring, consider painting it a bright pastel color, such as pink or yellow! If that’s not your style, a distressed white is always classic – you could even paint a unique pattern on them! A garden gate is a great addition to your garden.

Include shelves and vertical planting. While the idea of adding vines and ivy to your garden might make you nervous, there’s other options for going vertical with your garden! Install shelves on your fence or even transform an old bookcase from a yard sale into a space for you to grow some potted plants. Take out a couple of shelves and install some hooks to hang air plants, or create a fun irrigation system for herbs! Incorporating vertical design aspects to your garden is both functional and innovative. It looks intriguing, but it’s also practical! If you’ve got a small backyard, a vertical garden can definitely help to reduce the amount of space you’re taking up. It’ll free you to add some patio furniture and other decor pieces that will make your space even more beautiful!

Create a water feature. A water feature makes every garden more beautiful! Adding a water feature to your garden doesn’t have to be ornate. A simple set of garden stones with water flowing over them can suffice – especially if you don’t have a large backyard or are operating on a smaller budget. You can pick up different items from yard sales, estate sales or even local thrift stores! Creating your own natural water features will save you money, and you’ll feel accomplished after completing the project! You can sit out in your garden and enjoy the tranquil sounds of water flowing through your garden.

Put in a book nook. A space to relax and read outdoors is a unique feature for your springtime garden! Using old window shutters or antique doors, grow some ivy or vines to separate the space from the rest of the garden. Then, put in some relaxing patio furniture, such as an outdoor chaise or even a cushioned egg chair. Add a weatherproof outdoor table with storage for you to put some outdoor blankets in for cooler days where you want to curl up with your book. Add some bright florals and patterned throw pillows to round out the space. Bonus points if you get a portable umbrella for the days that the sunshine is just a little too bright, or when the weather starts to get more humid.

Plant vegetables: While flowers look beautiful, they’re not as practical as vegetables. Incorporating produce into your garden won’t detract from its beauty – in fact, you’ll be happy knowing that you’re growing your own produce! Carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce… even beets are all good options for growing in your backyard. Once you master those, consider growing eggplant or even tomatoes next! Your body and your wallet will thank you.

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Make an entertainment space. One of the best parts of having a beautiful backyard is sharing it with friends and family. Make sure as you create a beautiful backyard that you carve out space for entertaining! A firepit, some adirondack chairs and even an outdoor bar cart for easily serving drinks and snacks will make for a fun space that everyone can enjoy. The firepit is perfect for cold spring nights, and the outdoor bar cart is a unique way to cart snacks and drinks back and forth to the kitchen without having to carry multiple pieces across the yard.

Don’t neglect the front yard! Whether you have a small backyard or not, your front yard can be a beautiful Spring garden, too! Make sure you’ve got fresh flowers and greenery installed along your driveway and front porch. Add a welcoming custom garden flag near the steps to your front stoop for some extra springtime charm!

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