11 Dreamy Ideas to refresh your home for spring


1. Buy fresh flowers

Your favorite spring flowers will make any room of your home seem fresh and new. They will also smell great and give you a big smile each new day!

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2. Start a home garden

Plants do great during the warm season so start your own home garden inside or on your terrace or balcony. Choose dreamy shelves for them, name them and take care of them properly.

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3. Change your pillows cushions

You can easily change the look of your sofa, chairs, nook or bed by changing the pillow cushions. Choose prints that scream spring like vintage looking flowers, tropical elements or green shades.

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4. New season, new sheets

That’s also the case for your sheets. During the spring choose white, pastel colors or tropical prints. They will refresh your bed and make it the perfect home retreat.

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5. Refresh your bookcase

Restyle different parts of your home. Start with the bookcase. Choose a happy rainbow color scheme by rearranging your books by colors, choose spring themed deco elements and candles with a fresh scent.

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6. Style your cabinet

That also goes for your cabinet. Style it with a spring themed lamp, dreamy plants, candles and sea inspired deco elements or tropical pieces.

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7. Give your coffee table a new look

Last, but not least style your coffee table with spring themed coffee table books – you can go with a travel or sea theme, some spring themed candlesticks, spring flowers and fresh scented candles.

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8. Transform your bathroom into the perfect Spa

During the warm season we love visiting pools or the sea so why not make your bathroom the perfect Spa or home retreat. It will be that relaxing part of your home filled with plants, candles, dreamy towels and cool deco elements.

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9. Or a green Oasis

Also, you can transform your bathroom into a green oasis. Choose a lot of plants and place them especially around your bathtub or shower cabinet to make it seem like having a bath in the nature. Also, mix them with nature inspired furniture and deco elements.

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10. Choose the farmhouse style for your kitchen

The popular farmhouse style for the kitchen space is just perfect for the spring season. Choose new shelves for this space like floating wooden ones and style them with plants, cooking books with healthy recipes and nature inspired deco elements.

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11. Get your balcony ready for spring!

In the end let’s not forget our balconies and terraces it’s time to make them shine by adding new cushions to the chairs and choosing spring themed blankets for cold nights in.

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