How A Wet Crawl Space Affects Your Home

When you have a crawl space, you must maintain it like the rest of your home. Take the time to learn how to keep it clean and recognize problems. Moisture remains of the most common problems in basements and crawl spaces. You can easily notice the signs of moisture damage if you learn what to look for. A wet crawl space affects more than the immediate area. The inside of your main home can suffer extensive damage, as well. Your home may begin to have rotting wood, mold, and structural damage when your crawl space takes on too much moisture. 

Rotting Wood

It takes a while for wood to begin rotting after moisture exposure. If the wood has time to dry out, you may not have severe issues. When wood stays wet, however, it begins to rot and lose strength. This can become dangerous for the inhabitants of the home. The walls can shift, causing doors to stick when you open or close them. The floor may also sink or become uneven. If the problem persists for too long, the entire floor can rot, making it dangerous to walk on, the home may also become unstable. When you notice these problems, schedule a crawl space repair Michigan. 


Mold can replicate quickly when moisture enters your crawl space. It may spread into the main part of your home. If you notice new mold growth in your home, be sure to have the crawl space inspected, as well. Mold can cause many unpleasant reactions. Depending on your sensitivity to it, you may notice watery eyes, a runny nose, or headaches. Some people also experience skin rashes. You may need one specialist to remove the mold, and another to repair the crawl space. 


If your home becomes unusually humid, you may have moisture entering the home. This moisture can start in your crawl space. Look around for standing water or condensation. Humidity in the home may cause uncomfortable temperatures, resulting in excessive air conditioning use. If the problem goes on too long, you may also notice a rise in your electric bill. 


Standing water may attract pests. This can include mosquitoes that breed in water. These may begin to swarm near your home or inside. Rodents also look for water to survive. A rodent infestation can happen quickly in your crawl space and eventually move into your home. Pests can carry diseases, making your home unsanitary. 


If you notice odd changes in your home, you may need to have the crawl space inspected for damage or moisture. You may notice a musty smell coming from your crawl space when you have excessive humidity in your home. You may also begin to have structural problems in the home. Look for sticking doors, cracks in the walls, and uneven floors. Call for repairs, even if the damage looks minimal. Moisture may remain in the crawl space for a long time before problems begin inside the house. Get immediate help to keep your home safe and healthy. 

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