The new living rooms of 2021 – 5 Ways in which things have changed in this

In this year’s living room trends we search for a calm vibe and a practical space that also has a gorgeous dining area and a statement or Instagrammable spot. So check out, the new living rooms of 2021 – 5 ways in which things have changed in this functional interior:

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1. They’re super practical

In 2021 a living room is all about being practical and looking like an organized interior full of light and extra space. Woven storage solutions are trending and small items are hidden in raffia baskets or rattan boxes. Everything is well organized and has its own space and the storage solutions match perfectly the style of this functional room.

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2. The’re more glam or French themed

If you’re looking for a fancy space in your home, then, that has to be the living room. This season we get inspired by the French decorating style and the glam ages and we choose fancy chandeliers, velvet sofas, marble tables and artistic paintings or sculptures.

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3. Nature and Morocco are a constant inspiration

This year we love a living room that looks calm and relaxing and its painted in a neutral color scheme. We get inspired by the dreamy Morocco and we choose ethno inspired rugs, low furniture, dreamy lights and cozy pillows. These elements can match perfectly with pampas elements and nature inspired furniture and deco elements.

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4. The chic dining area is a must-have for this space

Any living room in 2021 should have a chic dining space. The theme of this space should match the rest of your living room and can be a nature, French, boho or glam theme. You can mix and match statement chairs, choose a lovely wooden table and add gorgeous lights on top of it.

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5. They have a statement corner

One or more statement corners are a must-have for your living space. It’s easy to choose them – you can either pick a reading corner, a cabinet, a chimney or the end of your sofa where you can add a side table. Decorate this space with chic framed pictures, vases with flowers or pampas elements, gorgeous plants and different art elements.

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