Home Theater Accessories That No Set up Can Go Without

More people than ever are ditching movie theater popcorn and middle seats to watch films at home. A 2020 survey found that 70 percent of Americans would rather stay in and watch movies—no trip to the theater required.

Perhaps you’re one of the many Americans who prefer to stay in on movie night. So, you want to upgrade the space in which you watch your favorite films.

No movie room would be complete without these must-have home theater accessories.

  1. Movie Projector

When you think of home theater accessories, your mind goes to the high-tech stuff. And it’s true—you should definitely start there when outfitting your movie room.

For one thing, you won’t get that theater experience without a big screen. So, we say, invest in a movie projector, similar to the ones they’d have at your local cinema. The best news is, you can find one for just about any budget.

  1. Surround Sound

Another thing that makes the movie theater experience so much fun is the high-quality sound. You can hear films as they were intended by the director. Rather than stagnant, one-speaker sound, you can hear the effects coming from different directions.

On top of that, a surround sound system provides layering, deeper tones, and rumbles you can’t get from your TV speaker. So this, along with your movie projector, should be a top-priority investment for your theater room.

  1. Blackout Curtains

Next, even with the right screen and sound, you won’t be able to enjoy your movie if you can’t see it. A window-filled room will flood the place in natural light, which will, in turn, drown out the screen.

So, install blackout curtains in your theater room so that you can watch movies no matter what the sun’s doing outside. Bonus points if you get automatic ones that you can open and close at the press of a button—very high-tech.

  1. Luxury Seating

Bring those cushy movie theater seats home with you, too. Your theater room will need some comfortable recliners or perhaps a sectional sofa to really complete the experience.

Of course, the furniture you choose will depend on the amount of space you have. But make sure you select seating that’ll be comfortable enough for hours of movie-watching. Bonus points if you pick something with cupholders—you’ll need your soda to hand, you know.

  1. Popcorn Machine

Finally, no movie-going experience is complete without a box of popcorn. You can get all of that flavor at home with a popcorn machine. And, if you really want to splash out, you can get the exact stand-up popcorn maker they use at the movie theater.

Of course, you could go for something smaller, like an air-popping device you keep in your kitchen cabinet. But the good thing about a stand-up popcorn machine is that it adds function and a design element to your home theater. So, if you have it in your budget, it’s well worth it to upgrade to a full-sized popcorn maker.

Choose Your Must-Have Home Theater Accessories

Every movie lover is different. Your must-have home theater accessories might vary from what’s on this list.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide what you need to perfect your home movie-watchinge experience. And don’t forget to check back with us for more of the dreamiest decor ideas for your home theater and beyond.


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