Pantone colors of 2021 – Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, two contrasting shades that look dreamy together

The new colors of 2021 announced by Pantone come as a necessary response for the times we are living. There is no surprise that we are looking for optimism and a big ray of light at the end of the day, a promise that’s brought by the optimistic Illuminating Pantone shade. The novelty of this year comes from choosing two shades instead of one, because we are living difficult times that can sometimes be hard and need a little bit of hope. That’s why this year Illuminating is pairing with Ultimate Gray, making an aspirational color pairing that shows that after a hard long day you will get a ray of sunshine at the end.

Selecting two contrasting colors shows strength and hope and also showcases this time as being both enduring and uplifting. Both shades bring a message that’s both positive and strong; reliable and optimistic, a message that’s now essential for the human spirit.

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What does Illuminating stand for? 

In the new year we are looking for hope, some energy and come clarity. We have a quest for vitality and a life that wants to be lived at its fullness. That’s why Illuminating is the perfect shade to show this vital and optimistic vibe. This dreamy shade is a color that has vivacity, that’s bright and cheerful and also warm, having a great solar power.

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What does Ultimate Gray stand for?

It a solid color that shows longevity and reliance. It’s something that shows great trust and has the power to bring a long lasting message. It’s the color of nature’s rocks and shows that it can stand the test of time. It shows our endurance during difficult times and shows that no matter what happens we still remain strong and powerful. Moreover, in terms of decorating it’s timeless vibes make it a great wall painting of furniture option.

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