8 Gorgeous Traditional IKEA items that are going to be back in 2021

Traditional items are going to be back in 2021 bringing a warm, cozy, comfortable and cottage twist to any home. These are the qualities a lot of people look for in their dreamy home and IKEA was usually a solution for it. So, the classics are back, check out 8 gorgeous traditional IKEA items that are going to be back in 2021:

1. The comfy sofa

The EKTORP sofa is an IKEA classic and just by looking at it you see comfort. It’s also pretty versatile and goes with any home style. Check it out here.

2. The cottage inspired bed frame

What a cottage feel gives this stunning HEMNES bed frame. It looks like one from a vacation home, so go and choose it for your dreamy home. Shop it here.

3. The dreamy dining chair

With this versatile chair you can create a dreamy dining space that will look like one from a magical garden. Mix it with romantic fabrics and cozy elements and find it here.

4. The cozy armchair

A retro looking and elegant piece, the STOCKSUND armchair is a cozy piece, especially if you throw a classy blanket on top of it. Purchase it here.

5. The cottage looking drawer chest

This lovely drawer chest is perfect for a traditional inspired bedroom that looks like one in a vacation home from a chic small village. Find it here.

6. The charming cabinet

Super charming and practical, the HAUGA cabinet is the perfect solution for an elegant, French or cottage inspired kitchen. If you like it, purchase it here.

7. The elegant chair

Another great chair for a cozy and cottage inspired home is the STEFAN chair. Simple or with a pillow on top, this chair will be super versatile for your 2021 home. Shop it here.

8. The traditional kitchen island

A dreamy kitchen island with practical storage and also a great kitchen table, the TORNVIKEN kitchen island is a gorgeous piece for a cozy and traditional inspired kitchen space. Buy it here.


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