Tips for Completing Your ‘Honey Do’ List

For many people, nothing is exciting about completing a household duty or mundane task, no matter how necessary it may be. Accomplishing a task like repainting the exterior of your home or replacing rotten boards in your deck can be even more dreadful if you have so many repair jobs to do, and you must go on to the next after finishing the first one. Chores and assignments like cleaning out the closets, finishing an unfinished basement, trimming trees and shrubbery, or renovating the kitchen are the kinds of tasks that typically end up on a honey-do list.

Completing all the items on the honey-do list—a collection of household jobs or tasks your partner or spouse may request of you—may not be as sweet as its name implies. When attempting to handle the assignments and errands on the list, you may experience a lack of interest or time, making it challenging to finish your tasks.

Still, completing all the tasks on a honey-do list can be beneficial, increasing how functional your household is and making you and your partner or spouse happier as more jobs get done and the list gets smaller. Taking care of a few things on the list is an easy way to be a better husband or partner and make your spouse smile. Listed below are ways to complete the items on your honey-do list more efficiently.

1. Recategorize the way you tackle projects.

One way to optimize your work and increase your productivity is to separate “must-do” jobs from “want-to” projects. It would help if you categorized the must-do jobs as more essential and pressing than want-tos and give these tasks your attention first. For instance, getting a leaking roof fixed is a must, of higher priority than adding a swimming pool in the backyard, which you should add to the “want” category.

2. Let the importance of the jobs serve as motivation to complete them.

Ask yourself if any tasks on your honey-do list pertain to safety issues, as safety should be the number one concern of all households. Projects that will contribute to making your home safer should be at the top of your list. Such crucial jobs include having the electrical wiring updated or replacing the batteries in smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

Another question to ask yourself is if any of the chores on your list are necessary for maintaining your home. Tasks like replacing an old roof, fixing leaks, cleaning the gutters, and servicing your air conditioning system and furnace filters are crucial steps to take to guarantee your home can age gracefully. Your partner or spouse would likely include such projects on a list to protect the investment you’ve put into your home, so these are tasks that are essential to complete.


A third question to ask yourself is if any of the honey-do list items can boost the value of your home. Your partner may put tasks on the list that make the house look better, improve its vibe, and increase its home value. Interior cosmetic upgrades like carpet replacements, appliance updates, and room redesigning can create a new, exciting atmosphere for a familiar property that you can enjoy. Likewise, upgrading the outside of your home by improving the landscaping, trimming tree limbs, and painting the exterior can increase its exterior attractiveness, thereby increasing its curb appeal.

Potted patio plants, for instance, would look good with trimmed trees and freshly cut lawns. Dressing your patio up with beautiful, colorful, healthy plants can transform your outdoor space, adding lush, green vibrancy. Various sized patio plants are available for homeowners to add to their properties and are generally easy to care for and low maintenance. For spacious yards, consider adding large plants that can accentuate your property and make it more attractive to neighbors and your spouse or partner. On the other hand, medium-sized plants can be excellent centerpieces and accents for outside tables, making your outdoor space more attractive when you’re entertaining.

Having awnings added to your property, for instance, is a way not only to boost your property’s value and curb appeal but also to reduce energy costs. Awnings are additions that can provide shade and temperature reduction, ultimately decreasing your utility bills. With awnings, you can avoid fading paint, protect your property from harmful UV rays, and shield your home and windows from precipitation like rain or snow.

Consult professional, credible awnings manufacturers near your area to get high-quality, durable awnings that suit the aesthetics of your neighborhood. Residents in and around the Chicago area, for instance, can consult the best awning companies near Chicago. With professional help, homeowners can choose retractable residential awnings, aluminum awnings, pergola canopies, and more in different colors, fabrics, and sizes.

3. Determine how much time and money household tasks require.

After identifying the must-do jobs and the want-to projects that can improve your home’s safety, functioning, and appeal, figure out if you can afford to complete them and how much time it might take. Assigning dollar and time investment values to each task is another way to help you go through your honey-do list. Based on the cost, difficulty level, and time needed for each job, you can decide if it requires a licensed professional.

In some cases, doing home improvement and maintenance jobs yourself—do-it-yourself (DIY) projects—can be rewarding, fun to complete, and almost always cheaper. On the other hand, utilizing a professional’s services for significant tasks like plumbing repairs or electrical work can be beneficial. DIY projects can save you some time and money, but in general, they may open up more opportunities for you to do more damage than repairs.

Search for the professional services you need, decide who you may need to hire to do the work, and how long the job would take. Whether you use the money you and your partner saved up or take out a personal loan, create a plan to pay for such projects.

Completing all the tasks on your honey-do list can not only improve the appearance of your home, but it can also impress your spouse or husband. Crossing all the items off your honey-do list with eagerness and pride can demonstrate to your partner how helpful you are and how much you care. Furthermore, with all items on your list completed, you’ll have more time to spend with your wife, being a better husband to her, for instance.

Without having to devote all your time to completing household projects and lacking the stress that can accompany having renovations and repairs done at home, you can have more time to talk with your spouse. More free time can encourage more prolonged, more in-depth conversations in which you two can listen to each other better without distractions or worries about what chores you need to do around the house.

Furthermore, doing all the tasks on your honey-do list allows you to put your money elsewhere. You’ll have more money and the time to go out on a date and be romantic, as well as buy gifts or tokens of affection, as you please. Attentive husbands are able to improve their relationship for the long run. Spending more time together and being able to give each other more undivided attention can ultimately boost your romance and intimacy, which can, in turn, spice up your sex life. Honey-do lists can be an unexpected source of bliss in a relationship. By completing the tasks you can be a more desirable husband to your spouse.

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