Scorpio Zodiac Sign – How to decorate your home according to the new trends

The enigmatic Scorpio, a sign that loves hanging out at home so much in his own mysterious nook will love to invest in the beauty of its home. This sign loves being along and having its house all for himself that why he invests a lot in its own privacy. From reading to staying in the kitchen and trying out your favorite recipes, if you’re a Scorpio that means your home is the perfect space for your hobbies.

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A powerful sign such as yourself needs an empowering decor that will show your status every time. You love details, fine lines and also you’re a big fan of dark colors, but most especially red, the true color of passion. You love sensual things and this is also a priority for home decor: you love silky items and fabrics, everything that has a sensual twist to it. Also, you love one of a kind treasures and enjoy searching for them.

You adore an intimate and confident space so make a home nook in a corner of your home or near a window. Also, set the mood in your mysterious home with dreamy candles that will also look magical and cozy in this cold season. Because you love to hide and rest and you worship your privacy, your bedroom should only be the perfect rest sanctuary and you should decorate it as minimal and chic as possible.

So, check out three trending home deco tips you will love for your home this season:

1. Dark kitchen

Because dark spaces are your favorite ones, this season’s dark kitchen trend will fit perfectly in your home. Choose dark walls or cabinets and decorate the space with vintage inspired deco elements, plants and golden touches.

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2. Minimal bedroom

This season get inspired by the chic and minimal bedroom spaces you see in different hotels or Airbnb’s. This trends suits you very much because you love intimacy and a private and minimal decorated bedroom that will bring you peace and quiet but also a dreamy design to enjoy, especially if you choose one in a darker color scheme.

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3. Elegant candles

You are one of the few signs that actually loves a mysterious room filled with candles or the dreamy and beautiful candle lights. So, with mystery and elegance choose long candles in retro themed or glam candlesticks or choose dark perfumed candles and add them all around your home, just in time for Halloween.

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