8 Darling ideas to decorate your home with pumpkins

If it’s October is time for the chicest pumpkins you can find and decorate your home with them, or even serve them in food or drinks. Get creative and feel the delicious pumpkin aroma in your dreamy home. Check out 8 darling ideas to decorate your home with pumpkins:

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1. Make a coffee table arrangement

One of the main stars of your living room is definitely your coffee table and now it’s time to decorate it with small pumpkins added on a glam tray. Match them with autumn flowers, candles, golden elements and chic plants and enjoy fall in your lovely home.

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2. Decorate a kitchen or dinner table with them

If you own a big dining or kitchen table you can decorate it with a cute center piece in the middle. It can be a seasonal flower bucket matched with tiny pumpkins in the same colors or a big pumpkin mixed with different dreamy deco elements so go and get creative!

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3. Add them on your porch, terrace of balcony

If you are lucky to own a porch, terrace of balcony and you love to enjoy a sunny day out, then decorate this space with gorgeous flowers, plants and of course, a lot of pumpkins. They will look just amazing so get cozy next to them in a cute nook with chic pillows and blankets.

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4. Place them on a chimney

Whether you add dreamy pumpkins on top or inside your chimney corner, this space is ideal for these kind of decor pieces. Choose different sizes and colors and match them with flowers and scented candles.

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5. Make a table arrangement for them

Make a themed fall dinner party and decorate your table in a chic way with themed autumn pieces. Wheat and other pampas elements along with pumpkins, leaves, autumn flowers, golden or Earthy colored deco elements will create the perfect table setup for you and your guests.

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6. Paint them

Get really creative with your pumpkins and paint them however you want. Pick black for Halloween, white for a dreamy Scandinavian home, brown for one with nature inspired materials, pink for a girly room or light green for a chic and fresh space.

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7. Drink them – Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

After decorating your dreamy home with pumpkins its time for a flavored pumpkin drink. So, what else could be better if not a comfort drink like a yummy homemade pumpkin spice latte. Learn the recipe here.

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8. Bake them – Baked Parmesan Pumpkin Fries Recipe

You know lots of you love to bake and an easy an delicious pumpkin recipe will be ideal for fall! The taste and the pumpkin aroma will easily bring you in the cozy fall spirit so check out this darling and easy recipe here.

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