10 Dreamy living room ideas from IKEA 2021 catalogue

It’s time to check out the new rules and deco tricks when it comes to decorating your living room. From a modern vibe in a classy space to a room with the perfect relaxing look, check out 10 dreamy living room ideas from the new IKEA 2021 catalogue:


1. The artsy scenario

This deco idea brings out the classic IKEA style with a colorful sofa in a traditional shape. Make this space more dramatic and modern with industrial deco elements, retro touches and a dark and mysterious color palette.


2. Colorful style

Besides the modern colors of the wall paint, the thing I love the most about this space is the oversized plant. Also, choose the perfect balance between colors and neutrals and match a gray sofa with a colorful wall. Also, make it more trendy with geometric printed pillows.


3. Calm day

This calm living room is perfect to come back to after a busy day at work. So, pair a paper lamp with a neutral sofa and a pink wall. Decorate this space with small colorful deco accents and cool industrial deco elements.


4. Grey moments

This is one of my favorite living rooms from the new IKEA catalogue. I love the grey sofa that looks modern with metallic legs, I love the pillow colors that stand out on the grey sofa and I definitely love how the retro inspired deco elements add personality to this space.


5. Staying more relaxed

How about two day beds instead of a classic sofa? Sounds perfect and also pretty relaxing! Make this space even more calm and relaxing with transparent and neutral curtains, green plants and calm looking deco elements and small statues.

6. Savanna vibe

Make your living room looking like a wild savanna with tropical curtains, cactuses and nature inspired pieces of furniture. Choose timeless furniture for this space and just change the deco elements and mood whenever you feel like it.

7. Shabby in the nature

This season give the shabby style a new and fresh look with floral wallpaper and a lot of green plants added around this gorgeous space. Also, choose a dark color palette and add also cool industrial deco elements around this space.

8. Cool twist

The industrial and modern look goes great with nature inspired pieces like woven furniture and cool paper lamps. Everything will look super calm and the design will look cool!

9. A mid century twist

This living room is also one of my favorite ones mixing one of the most stylish elements you can choose right now – round mirrors, retro lamps, oversized plants and geometric printed pillow cushions.

10. Let the games begin

A well styled bookcase can make any living room super cool and chic. So, add deco elements with your hobbies among books and different deco elements and dishes. You can even add them against a colorful wall, for a more stylish effect.


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