10 Fall-winter 2020 trend predictions you will adore

We are ready for a new season and eager to change our homes once more, this time in a more cozy and autumn themed kind of way. What has changes during this time? Well, let’s find out 10 Fall-winter 2020 trend predictions you will adore:


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1. Choose delicious fall shades

Caramel or cinnamon … they sound just delicious, don’t they? Well, add them and the dreamy terracotta shade in your fall themed home and see them every time. They are super calm and chic so for a more stylish mix pair them with neutrals and pink. Choose them for your walls or furniture, sheets or covers and enjoy a warm looking fall.

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2. Add gold touches

Gold is still super popular and it luxurious shade will go perfectly with any warm fall color. So, this season the coolest gold decor elements you can choose are a vintage themed lamp or chandelier, a round golden mirror or dreamy small golden decor elements.

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3. Pick coffee table books

Yes, coffee table books are super IN right now! Why do you ask? Well, by adding your favorite coffee table books on a coffee table you will see that you will browse more often throw them rather than having them sitting on a bookcase. Also, spending more time at home to sit and relax will encourage you to read and discover more coffee table books. Last but not least, they look amazing and can inspire you to create the most stylish coffee table setup.

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4. Add fall leaves

Fall leaves are always a great idea for a fall home. Their colorful and vivid mix make a home super stylish! This season add them in oversized vases and cellar bottles. Place them on a dinning table or in different corners or your home to make it look autumn themed.

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5. Use area rugs

Divide your living room area or your dining space with dreamy modern area rugs. The ones with traditional or ethno patterns are super popular right now and they go with every style, especially if you pair a neutral decor or furniture with a colorful modern area rug.

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6. Pick woven elements

Don’t think that woven elements like the trendy rattan are good just for the warm season. They will also look good on fall, all you need to do is add some little touches. Match the rattan chairs with cozy blankets with trendy frills and pair woven elements with dark furniture, dark walls or autumn colored decor elements and pieces or furniture.

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7. Choose olive green for your walls

A refined and trendy shade you can choose this season for your walls is olive green. Add it in a retro themed room and pair it with rattan furniture, reed in gorgeous vases and artsy framed pictures.

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8. Choose a farmhouse vibe for your kitchen space

Farmhouse themed kitchen spaces are the trendies right now. So, think of a few farmhouse chic tricks to make your home more stylish, trendy, but also more organized. Use open shelves for your favorite dishes, add your extra dishes and ingredients in dreamy bar carts and use wooden boxes and different kind of jars for your ingredients.



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9. Mirrors are everything!

Round, rectangular and irregular shaped mirrors continue to be a huge trend even in the season that’s soon to come. With a stylish gold, copper or black frame or with rattan details, this mirrors are gonna make your entryway or hallway more stylish and your bedroom, bathroom or living space more dreamy!

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10. Don’t forget a glam-exotic touch and plants

Plants are still popular and a dreamy home garden is more than recommended in this new season. So, choose oversized and exotic plants and pair them with gorgeous prints and colorful, glam or vintage themed furniture.

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