How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door

The sliding glass door is a popular choice for those who need light, more space, and easy access to their garden in their homes. This means that if you have one in your home then you pretty much use it almost all the time when you are home. This leads to some damages that you may or may not take care of on your own. Sunrooms in USA are another popular solution for the home, but this option is a little more expensive and time-consuming.

The following are some easy fixes to your damaged door. But if you have any difficulties in fixing the sliding glass door, you can always turn to sliding glass door repair in Kendall.

The door does not open easily

In this case, it is usually because some debris is stuck in the doors track. They are just common things like mud, fur, hair, and even dirt. They clog the rollers located under the door and prevents them from running smoothly.

This requires an easy fix. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Remove the door from its track.
  • Check the rollers for any signs of debris. IF there is debris then you can clean them and wipe the track and rollers clean.
  • Once you have cleaned the rollers thoroughly, reinstall them.
  • Clean the tracks. Wipe the track clean and ensure that it is smooth.
  • Reinstall the door.

All that and you are done. Now to the next fix.

Problem with the alignment of the door

If you notice that your sliding door is not aligned then you need to do the following to realign it.

  • Remove the door from the track and then put it back.
  • Ensure that the rollers that are located at the top are aligned first.
  • Put the door back in place while ensuring that it is in perfect alignment. You may have to tweak the adjustment screws at the top of the door a little bit.
  • Once the door is back to its original position, re-adjust the screws.

Latches are broken

If the lathes are not sticking then oiling alone will not help. What you have to do is replace the whole thing. You have to remove the lock first carefully to not drop it. You should then take it to your nearest hardware store and request a replacement. Once you’ve got the new one that fits you can then reinstall it. Follow the install instructions that accompany the lock.

The screen is torn

You may accidentally end up tearing the screen by putting your hand through it or a small child in your home. The process of replacing the screen is easy but you cannot do it on your own. You will need to call a professional for this fix.

The glass is shattered

  • Remove the trim around the glass and remove the remaining glass carefully.
  • Order a new piece of glass from a reliable store. Make sure that you get exact measurements first.
  • Install the ordered piece of glass. Put it into the openings and then caulk it into position.
  • Replace the removed trim and reinforce it with tracks.
  • Clean any dirty areas.


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