7 Dreamy home offices for a stylish season

This summer make your work from home more dreamy than ever. Find a spot in your home that truly inspires you and make it super relaxing. We know that is more difficult to work during summer and that distractions can come across more often, but here are 7 dreamy home offices for a stylish season that will help you find a calm vibe and be more productive:

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1. Calm & glam

Match a neutral desk and neutral deco elements with a glam chair – it can be made of velvet or have golden details. Also, make this space more luxe & chill with green plants and choose a holiday inspired picture as the main piece of this dreamy corner, especially one with the beach that looks super relaxing.

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2. Relaxing days

Go as minimal as possible with your home office furniture, but make it dreamy with the help of some cool and calm deco tricks. Choose gorgeous oversized plants with a tropical vibe and decorate the space with glam round mirrors. Also, choose a glam lamp and nature inspired deco elements that will give personality to your office space.

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3. Mix & match

Glam and  calm nature inspired elements can go together? Yes, and they work perfectly! The glam elements will represent the bold and colorful elements of your home office space and the natures inspired ones the soft touch a space need to look super relaxing. Match them with colorful abstract painting and at least one green plant.

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4. Artsy vibe

Make an artsy and calm looking picture, painting or sketch the main focus of your home office. Pair it with a stylish oversized plant like a fiddle leaf, some golden details and also make your sitting area chic and comfy with a ethno inspired pillow or furry cover.

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5. For the love of plants

Choose a botanical or nature inspired theme for your home office. Surround your desk with oversized green plans, choose artwork that shows plants or trees and pick nature inspired furniture and deco elements for the space, like a rattan chair or a wooden desk.

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6. Bohemian details

Make your home office boho and relaxing like a festival area. Not convinced enough? Well, then add also a dreamy rattan swing next to it where you can take breaks or just brainstorm ideas. As for the home office choose green stylish plants, big mirrors and a dreamy and cozy ethno rug that will divide perfectly the office area.

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7. Nature inspired days

Because nature inspired furniture called also woven furniture is super popular this season choose a home office made entirely from this kind of furniture. Add different pops of colors to make this neutral furniture stand out and choose also cool abstract artwork and dreamy green plants.

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