10 Fresh Ideas for Dorm Room Decor

Limited space of dorm rooms makes it almost impossible to bring great ideas into life. Feel free to use small practical DIY dorm room decor tips that will give individuality to your accommodation.

  1. Make Your Walls Bright 

Take a string and wire and make a geometrically irregularly shaped holder. Use colorful office clips to hang your photos on the holder. If you want to create something a little unusual, try half-painted picture frames. Separate the top half with masking tape and immerse the bottom half in the paint of the desired color. Wait for the paint to dry. Your wall decoration is ready!

  1. Create Comfortable Chairs

If you don’t have enough chairs in your place, you manage to make good chairs with colorful plastic drawers, solid fabric, plywood, and old orthopedic mattress. Stick fabric to the plywood with a glue gun, and a cushion for your chair is ready. Then, you need to put it at the base made of plastic drawers and fix it.

  1. Decor Your Front Door

The dorm front door is unmarked, but you can change it with a color type. You can decorate the door with geometric shapes or inscription. If you are good at drawing, you might try to do funny graffiti.

  1. Get a Night Stand

It’s one of the most creative dorm room ideas for guys who like tinkering. Buy a cute in the store. Attach the wheels to move it around the room easily. Do shelves with plywood, paint your cart, or decorate it with ornaments. They will be useful in your place, as you will now have a three-level shelf for storing personal things.

  1. Shelf for Footwear

To invent a shelf for shoes is easier than you think. Hand moldings on a wall if you want your guest could see your shoes. Or you can equip your display case in the wardrobe.

  1. Decorate Your Bookshelves

A colorful ribbon is a good way to trim the edges of the shelves if you have open bookshelves. Although this project is cheap, your shelves will look nice with it. Besides, the repair will be reduced to a simple replacement of ribbons.

  1. Decor for Tables

Each student wants to make his desk unique as he spends a lot of time sitting at it and downloading ready-made papers from http://papercoach.net. The boxes of different sizes and shapes are suitable to be decorated with wool, colorful ribbons for decoration, fabric, and leather are what you need to change the design.

  1. Handmade Curtain

Do you consider making a place for a quiet rest to find the best services which can help you answer the constant question, “Who can do my assignment?”, you should knit a curtain. The macramé technique usually involves a rope and a wooden crossbar. This is a simple project. You only need to understand how to place a curtain and choose the scheme of knitting.

  1. “Smart” Colorful Stickers on the Wires

User-friendliness is what we expect from any item in our room. Make colorful pieces of paper for the computer wires in your place like “power,” “monitor,” etc. and you will stop confusing in them.

  1. Holder for Jewels

The last option is one of the most exciting DIY room decoration projects for girls. You will be surprised how your old grater will come in handy if you color it and decorate with various rhinestones or floral ornaments. It will look vintage and unusual. This holder might not work if you have a pile of jewelry as it’s too fragile, and you manage to hand only a few pairs of earrings.

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