What Every Great Loft Conversion Needs

When it comes to adding a stunning new room to your home, as well as adding that all-important value, a loft conversion is usually the go-to choice. Loft conversions can be done in many different ways and styles, as well as fulfilling many purposes, whether it’s a home office, extra bedroom, or a relaxing retreat with a beautiful view.

If you’re looking to convert your loft, then here is what every loft conversion needs.

A Purpose

To make the most out of your conversion, the room needs a purpose. Even if you are only extending to add value to your property, a conversion with a fully functional room rather than an empty space will be more appealing to future potential buyers.

Think about why you’re converting, and what you could use the room for. An extra bedroom is always a handy addition to any home, but if you simply don’t need another spare bedroom, think logically about why you need the space. If it’s for storage, then at least design the room to be attractive and functional with storage furniture, rather than just an empty conversion with boxes littered on the floor.

Deciding on a purpose and function beforehand will also have an impact on your design process, so it’s always helpful to know what you’ll be using the room for before you begin speaking with architects and builders.

Proper Architectural Planning

Unless you’re an architect, you won’t know the full potential your loft space has. There will be many ways regarding design that your loft could be converted and perhaps additions that can be made, which you might not have even considered yourself.

Proper architectural planning as the first step to outline your conversion is essential for making the most out of your space. Consulting with professionals to plan out your build means you can speak with them regarding the features you would like, and what is actually possible during the conversion’s design.

In the first instance, you should contact professionals like Touchstone Lofts, who can guide you on the planning stages.


No loft conversion would be complete without a set of windows. Loft conversions are the perfect opportunities to get a healthy and consistent dose of sunlight, especially if you are deciding on skylights for your conversion so that you can always see the sky.

Skylights aren’t the only window design you will be able to go for, however, though they are a popular choice for loft conversions. Depending on the shape of your conversion, you could also have traditional windows installed at eye level or balcony windows and doors if you are having a balcony extension.

Planning Permission

Unfortunately, you can’t just go ahead and consult with loft converters and give them the go-ahead. You always need official permission from your local authority to make any sort of extension or conversion to your home. Depending on the design of your loft conversion, certain design features – such as an outward balcony which adds space on to your property – could be considered in the same light a conservatory would, in terms of blocking views from other properties. In most cases, the company you choose to convert your loft will handle the contact on your behalf.

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