6 gorgeous gallery wall ideas for different rooms

The gallery wall trend has been around for quite some time and it’s here to stay because it can completely transform a room. The fun thing is that you can play with the frame shapes and sizes and you don’t necessarily need expensive art pieces. You can print the illustrations that you want or you can even create your own and change them as often as you like.

So, here are 6 gorgeous gallery wall ideas to try:


1. Above the sofa

The living room is a great place for a gallery wall, especially above the sofa, filling the place so nicely. First of all, is the place you get to spend a lot of time so you want to make sure to display something that makes you happy and secondly, people visiting will catch a glimpse of your passions. For an eclectic combo choose different types of art.


2.Artsy entryway

The entryway is a great option for art display, because you can dedicate an entire wall for the gallery. Below you can find an inspiring blend of different styles of illustratoins from cubism to pencil drawing.


3. Matching colors

An important aspect when choosing the pictures or illustration is to take into consideration the colors used to decorate the room. The blue found in the armchairs is harmoniously completed by the blue illustration.


4. Dining room

A colorful dining area asks for some colorful art. This time, the theme and the watercolor style is the common element, while the shape, color and sizes of the frames are different and the overall aspect is stunning!


5.Neutral art

This corner would have been bland without the art pieces, but too much would have ruined it. Therefore, the ideal solution is neutral art pieces in shades of beige and minimal design represented by line drawings. Simple, but chic! 


6. Hallway by the kitchen

Another interesting space to explore for the art display is the wall near the kitchen. The mix of strong colors and different shapes create an interesting synergy.


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