8 Amazing interiors that mix home decor with green nature elements

Missing the nature like we do? Well, it’s time to bring the outdoors, indoors and make your home a small nature oasis. Choose as many green plants as you wish and make a small plant heaven in your dreamy home. Here are eight amazing interiors that mix home decor with green nature elements:

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1. Good morning in peace

Choose a peaceful bedroom and peek all white sheets, covers and pillow cushion and surround this relaxing heaven with a lot of green plants in different sizes. To make everything more dreamy choose white lamps that will give a calm note to this space and a dreamy mirror that will make this amazing interior look even bigger.

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2. Urban jungle

Mix modern deco elements with nature inspired furniture, amazing spring flowers and oversized green plants. This way you will have a stylish urban jungle in your own home so make it even cooler with nature or art themed framed photos and cool woven details.

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3. Breakfast in the jungle

Start every day in the middle of nature in your own home. Surround the space where you serve breakfast in with a lot of green plants, in different sizes. Make, this space also super glam with round mirrors and lamps and choose a wooden table for this interior, tol emphasize on the nature look.

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4. All green

Why not match green with green? This power combo will look amazing in a white or neutral space. So, pick a glam velvet sofa and surround it with tropical oversized plants and framed picture that show nature or dreamy flowers. Add, also a pop of color in this space using the perfect color for a dreamy contrast – orange.

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5. Relaxing home corner

Time to relax in your own green and nature inspired home corner. Choose a chair in a nature inspired material like rattan or wood and surround it with dreamy hanging plants and ethno details. Also, add floor plants around it, all in trendy woven baskets.

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6. Boho fantasy

The boho items go perfectly with nature inspired elements. So, surround a relaxing woven chair with a lot of green plants with a tropical touch and make your own boho fantasy. Decorate this space with a pop of color and choose a colorful ethno inspired pillow for your stylish chair.

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7. Lunch in heaven

Today you will serve lunch or dinner in the middle of nature, but in your own home! Start with a gorgeous table set in an Earthy tone and with nature inspired furniture. Then, surround this amazing space with a lot of green plants, especially oversized ones and  enjoy this dreamy home heaven.

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8. Nature’s nook

Imagine having a nook in the middle of nature. Well, you can do that in your own dreamy home! First, pick a trendy woven chair  and make it super cozy with a furry cover and a pillow in the color of nature. Then, surround it with oversized green plants, especially with the ones that have an exotic note.

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