7 Gorgeous Wooden kitchen cabinets that prove why you should choose this trend in 2020

Wooden cabinets are back this year with their elegant and classy vibe and their versatile look that makes them great for any kitchen style. Besides the oak cabinets you can go dark or light wood and think about style and creativity. We already have some dreamy ideas for you, so here are seven gorgeous wooden kitchen cabinets that prove why you should choose this trend in 2020:

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1. Wood and golden elements

Wood can instantly become more glam with golden details. With these two elements, your kitchen will be the perfect blend between modern and retro, having also a very stylish twist to it.

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2. In an art deco way

Choose an art deco kitchen with wooden cabinets and choose a dark wood color for them. Make them super glam and art deco with golden round lamps and golden bar chairs and add artsy deco elements all around this dreamy space.

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3. Bar look

Make a kitchen with wooden cabinets look like a charming retro bar. Choose open upper shelves and add the prettiest glasses you own on them. Then, decorate your kitchen table or island with retro inspired bar stool made out of leather. This way your kitchen will become the perfect going out spot.

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4. Scandinavian look

Go for a matchy matchy combo and choose wooden cabinets, wooden floors and also a wooden kitchen island or table. This combo will look super classy and elegant and il will also stand the test of time.

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5. Mid century look

Wooden cabinets will always look amazing in a mid century inspired kitchen. So, choose long wooden cabinets and match them with mid century inspired chairs, a retro themed table and some cool vintage looking deco objects. Make this space more modern by making a chic contrast between wood and marble and adding bold colors around this space to make it more stylish and artsy.

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6. The classy wooden dining space

Match a wooden dining space with wooden cabinets for a classy and retro kitchen space where  you can easily entertain and have guests over. Make this space super fabulous with a metallic and elegant diner lamp and also surround this space with minimal and artsy deco elements and green plants.

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7. Relaxing day

Pair minimal wooden cabinets with an all white scenario – a white counter top, white walls and also white dishes and mugs. Everything will look super relaxing and you will have the perfect peaceful space in your home. Also, you can make this space shine by adding silver or golden elements around this dreamy interior.

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