6 Stylish ideas to use the trending olive trees in your dreamy home

From tiny to big, olive trees are getting more and more popular and the oversized ones can easily become the star of any home. Added in pottery vases, rattan baskets or glam flower pots, olive trees stole out hearts this season so check out six stylish ideas to use the trending olive trees in your dreamy home:

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1. Modern look

Go modern and decorate your gorgeous home with an oversized olive tree in a minimal jar. Match in with an artsy and neutral scenario and add it next to a gallery wall with abstract art and or a wall full of framed neutral pictures.Also, choose neutral furniture with classy shapes that will emphasise on the modern vibe of this space; you can often find affordable options at T.J. Maxx.

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2. Elegant day

A modern, minimal, Scandinavian or even French Chic home will look amazing with an oversized olive tree. Add it in a modern and artsy looking like jar in a neutral color and pair it with cool design elements and versatile furniture.

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3. Stylish and neutral

Glam up a tiny or medium olive tree with golden and retro looking elements. Match a gorgeous olive tree in a wooved jar with a golden mirror and pair it with retro or vintage inspired furniture for a very stylish interior.

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4. Nature inspiration

How about a big olive tree in a rock vase? It will look amazing for sure and it will make your home part of the nature. So, if you are a fan of outdoor spaces, this option will be perfect for your home, so pair this dreamy olive tree with a raffia rug, rattan decorations and other deco elements that look like being part of nature.

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5. Relaxing look

In a neutral living room with bohemian accents and natures inspired elements, an olive tree will be the perfect home deco star. Choose an oversized one and add in it a stylish rattan basket. Also, match it with Moroccan inspired elements and neutral furniture.

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6. The stylish entryway

Say hello to your guests with a tiny and adorable plant. Because spring is soon to come, an olive tree is the best option for your entryway. Emphasize on the warm season and add it in a woven jar and also pair it with a statement mirror and a retro inspired lamp.

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