7 Reasons why you should try the amazing woven lamps for your dreamy home

The Danish master home design with class and style and now Woven lights are trending in the cool Nordic design and in all kinds of home styles. We love them, no matter the season, so here are seven reasons why you should try the amazing woven lamps for your dreamy home:

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1. They look both classical and modern

These kinds of lamp go great in an elegant and classy interior, but also in a modern one making it chic and very relaxing. Match it with neutrals, dusty pink or seventies colors and make the whole room really calm looking.

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2. They bring a relaxing vibe to any interior

Woven lamps look very relaxing, reminding you of a lazy summer day or of a gorgeous summer terrace. That’s why they are great for a dining space, kitchen island, a neutral living room and most of all, your bedroom, the room in your home that always need to have a calm vibe.

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3. They can even have a retro touch with it

If you choose a round retro inspired woven lamp you can easily add it in a retro inspired interior. It will make it look more, chic, calm and modern so try this cool twist to any retro and vintage inspired room.

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4 They are great for vacation homes, Moroccan inspired interiors or wannabe summer homes

Vacation homes will look dreamy and inspiring with these woven lamps, as for the Moroccan inspired homes, they will be defined perfectly by these lamps that shows their amazing culture. Moreover you can add more to make a room more amazing, especially when talking about a Moroccan type of interior. Also, if you want to have a never-ending summer in your home, woven lamps will be just perfect for you.

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5 They give an Earthy and nature inspired vibe to an interior

Being made of nature inspired elements like raffia or rattan, woven lamps have and Earthy touch making your home nature inspired. Also, this season and in the New Year to come these kind of elements are getting more and more popular because they bring that peace and quiet vibe we definitely need in a home.

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6. They project light all around the floor, making a space brighter

Because we are talking about a woven lamp, the light gets easier through it and with that a space gets brighter and whiter. It’s great for tiny rooms or for spaces in which you wish to have a lot of light.

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7. It bring the outdoor spirit indoors

I know a lot of you are big fans of the nature and the outdoors and I for sure love how any terrace and outdoor space looks. So, why not bring the outdoor spirit indoor, especially when it’s so easy with a woven lamp of a mix of them.

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