7 Elegant interiors for the perfect pre holiday evening

You can already start making your home more fancy and fabulous to have the perfect elegant house just in time for the holidays. So, before all the Christmas decorations, start with fancy art and sophisticated deco elements that will make your home the perfect holiday scenario. So, here are seven chic ideas for you, check them out:

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1. An evening in green and brown

Green and brown is the perfect setup for the holiday season making your Christmas tree and decoration blend in perfectly. Add a touch of glam with dreamy golden elements and make everything winter themed with symbols from the cold season.

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2. A dream in blue

If all you want this season is a blue Christmas, make this fancy space the perfect holiday scenario. Pair white with blue and gold and choose a white Christmas tree, a lot of velvet, golden details and decorations in this dreamy color trio.

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3. Black and gold

Nothing says fancy more than the fabulous black and gold combo. This mix is perfect for a white Christmas scenario or one with a green Christmas tree filled with golden and black ornaments, an elegant and trendy idea that will definitely stand out in your home.

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4. Wild moments

Mix wild elements with fancy furniture and make an exotic mix that’s perfect for a creative or eccentric person. Fill this fancy scenario with dramatic, original and fabulous Christmas elements and enjoy an exotic and creative holiday season.

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5. Hobbies time

Mix and match fancy elements with elements that define you and your hobbies. You will have a living room full of personality that you can decorate with creative Christmas ornaments that also show your great personality.

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6. Fancy meets boho

If you want a more relaxed holiday season go with a bohemian scenario mixed with fancy and fabulous details. Pair a fancy rug with a lot of plants in a golden pot and decorate this dreamy room with a lot of lights and neutral Christmas ornaments.

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7. Artsy holiday

This holiday go more artsy than ever and mix and match Christmas decoration with abstract and colorful art. Make everything jolly and colorful in your home and enjoy this holiday month at home.

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