6 Art deco kitchens that will make this season more elegant

Art deco, the glam movement that defines the ’20 is a fancy way to make your kitchen fabulous and elegant. This year the art deco trend is very popular and we love it for the kitchen space, so check out this six art deco kitchens that will make this season more elegant:

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1. Golden and neutrals

Make a traditional and classic neutral kitchen art deco inspired with golden art deco lamps and fabulous velvet chairs. Then, all is left to do is imagine you’re in a fabulous bar having a fancy evening.

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2. Grey and classy

Grey is a very classy and versatile color and it looks just perfect in an art deco scenario with a lot of golden elements, especially a golden lamp. So, pair a round marble table with fancy velvet chairs and enjoy a stylish brunch at home.

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3. Pink details

Pink and gold go great together, especially if we’re talking about an art deco space. So, pair this fancy combo with grey cabinets, marble details and your favorite flowers and plants.

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4. Blue days

How about a classy and masculine touch to an art deco space? For this, pick a classy shade of blue and green and your favorite velvet chairs or bar stools. Finish up the space with an art deco lamp and shiny metal touches.

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5. The marble kitchen island

If you want a cool and art deco space choose black and white and add green accents using a lot of stylish plants for this space. Pair marble with black steel and choose round lights and classy bar stools that will make the kitchen island the perfect place for socializing and home parties.

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6. Like a fancy bar

Make your kitchen a fancy bar by picking a marble kitchen island. Also, make this space art deco inspired with golden bar stools and art deco inspired lamps with golden details.

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