10 Cozy living room ideas that prepare you for the winter season

Get cozy and prepare for the cold winter season with the perfect living room that will make you want to relax and feel warm in your own home. To help you out in decorating the perfect living room space for the cold season we gathered ten cozy living room ideas that prepare you for the winter season:

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1. Scandi look

If you want a minimal warm space, go for neutrals and green plants and make everything cozy with white furry covers, knitted oversized blankets and textured rugs added all around the space. Think about layers and make a stylish and Scandi space for the winter season.

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2. Waiting for Christmas

If you are a big Christmas fan, start early and make your cozy living room winter and holiday themed. Add a lot lights, candles and Christmas tree branches mixed with other green plants and enjoy this dreamy season at home.

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3. Neutral look

Make a cozy living space painted in neutrals with earthy shades along with white and grey. Add printed ethno accents, knitted covers and pillow cushion and enjoy a calm and cozy day home.

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4. Glam moments

A cozy living room space can also be glam. Just think of cozy elements like furry covers and pillows cushions or knits in soft pastels and neutrals and pair them with golden accents, marble and artsy statement paintings.

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5. Pastel dream

Pastels go great with a winter themed color scheme. They will make the whole winter scenario look dreamier, more relaxing and darling! So, choose pastel details and pair them with a cozy white or neutral living space.

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6. Winter scheme

Make a mid century living room more cozy with chic ethno or geometrical printed rugs and pillow cushions and rugs and match them with green plants and an artsy gallery wall.

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7. Peace & quiet

Add magical deco elements all around your living room space. Decorate your living room with lights, Christmas themed stars, candles and pretty pillows cushion with relaxin sayings like ”Peace”.

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8. Dreaming of summer

Still dreaming of summer? Well, keep this warm season look in your Californian chic living room and make it more cozy with furry covers, pillows and a statement furry chair with golden details.

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9. Cozy & colorful

Think of the dreamy and elegant forest green when decorating your cozy living room. Pair it with seventies inspired fall colors and retro deco elements. Also choose colorful knitted pillows and a knitted cover with a vintage vibe.

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10. For the love of art

Mix art with cozy elements and think of the dreamy Seventies colors and electric shades when decorating your winter living room. Choose furry pillow covers in bold colors and mix them with fun blankets in optimistic shades and a colorful gallery wall.

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